Through my letter box comes a leaflet about proposals for the redevelopment of 22-42 High Road, the former BhS store and adjoining shops. The proposals are on display at Wood Green Library on Friday 8th June from 2.45 p.m. to 8 p.m. The website is but the leaflet says information will not be on the website until the day of the exhibition. 

The artists impression shows a 4-storey block, with flats above shops with the usual balconies overlooking the noisy, air-polluted High Road! It seems compulsory for any new development of flats to have balconies!. The picture shows a new pedestrian walkway between High Road and Bury Road and promises "attractive areas of open space".

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One problem with those balconies is that they are not designed for the way people life. They ‘re usually fairly open, prompting residents to put up that ugly bamboo screening, just to have some sense of privacy. That’s clearly illustrated on the building on the corner of Redvers road & Lordship Lane. 

Sorry for the multiple posts here - insomnia. I had a look at the plan and it skins over the fact that it includes the demolition of an 18th century villa and shopfront. The design looks generic &, frankly, quite ugly. 

I’ll make a detour tomorrow & go to Turnpike Lane station so I can walk past the building and have a closer look & will report back.

any chance you could scan/photo the plans? I'd like a look.

Be a shame to see the old Dovecot Villa go - but anything that makes Bury Road less of a dump has to be a good thing.

Not sure it will make it less of a dump. The plans look like rainbows and unicorns. Yes, we'll knock down some of the last bits of historic architecture left on the high road, but we'll give you playgrounds and artist spaces instead. 

How is that going to work? In five years time it will all be as big a dump as all the other modern buildings around here with their bamboo privacy barriers and knicker festooned balconies.

At the risk of fanning the flames here. I'm going to weigh in here. I strongly believe that it's more of an issue of good design over poor design & building spec. than new versus old.

I agree with Deccy that people have to hang their laundry somewhere and hanging it outside is a better solution than risking mildew and mould by hanging it inside, especially in a poorly ventilated small space.

As for bamboo screens and using the balcony as an outside storage space. You only have to look at the building on the corner of Lordship Lane and Redvers road to see how awful that looks. However, let's not blame the residents for that. People need privacy and storage. It's bad design to not take into consideration that human beings don't want everyone on the top deck of the 243 leering into their living rooms every time the bus passes. 

I personally think that a hotel will be a good thing on that site, bringing more life to the high road at night. I also agree that the current state of Bury road is a direct result of the complete neglect of the back end of the shops on the high road. Housing will probably improve that situation -- we can hope.

I'm also a bit cynical about the design on this housing. I'd like to see a more clear rendering of the actual design and I'd like to see what amenities will be put into place to accommodate the additional residents. If this isn't planned well, just plopping more housing on the high road is not going to help the area. 

As you so eloquently stated, the state of Noel Park illustrates some major lack of attention from Haringey Council, Veolia, Homes for Haringey and even the MET police.

I disagree. And the knicker festooned balcony comment is crass. What do you expect people to do? Recognise a good thing when you see it. This has the potential to improve both Bury Road and the High Road. Regardless of the design of the building, simply having it residential will be enough to improve things.

The modern buildings aren't always the problem. The Noel park estate is old as, and look a the f-ing state of it.

Its reassuring to see that this family is prepared to invest in the High Road. Especially when the area looks so tired and unloved. I personally prefer victorian architecture (which is why I live in Noel Park) but am rather resigned to the fact that the look of this development is the current standard approach. This style seems to survive in other parts of Europe. It's a shame that in the UK there can be the risk of things being trashed by residents. As long as the building is well managed I can't see it being a problem. We live in a city that is growing with very little space, so when land is available the main economic solution is that the development is likely to be high occupancy. That's the economics of living in London. 


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