Hi all,

Our cat Mario has been missing for about 24 hours now :( The last time we saw him was yesterday morning around 8:30am. It's unusual for him not to come back as he often dips back an forth during the day, especially when he knows he's going to be fed.

We assume that he's still in someone's garden, either stuck in a shed, or possibly climbed into an open window. If you do see him please let us know either through here or alternatively give us a call on the number on his collar. His collar also has our address as well.

He's a British shorthair, grey, quite big (and round), and has a leopard print turquoise collar with a bell on it.



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Good luck! I hope Mario shows up soon. I've also put it up on our Noel Park net twitter feed.

Thanks so much Rachella. I'm going ask my neighbours down my street as well.
We will look out for Mario. We live in Hewitt Avenue so we might spot him. All the best. Joan.

Thanks so much!

Great news. Glad Mario is back home again.

Thank you! 

That is good news! Thanks for letting us know.


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