Neighbourhood Cats using our Garden as their toilet (Moselle/Morley)

We've got an ongoing issue with as yet to be identified cat/cats who are using our flower beds as a toilet. We've put down chicken wire on the soil, wooden sticks sticking out from the ground, an ultrasonic cat repeller, frequently sprinkle repellent powder, and more... And we remove it as soon as we see it so it's not encouraging more!

But still they come back, using our garden as a toilet. It's hugely frustrating and we're at a loss as what to do without resorting to more extreme measures. 

It also brings a fly issue, especially on warm days, not to mention the health issues around Toxoplasmosis.

We have no issue with cats, had them in the past, there are quite a few we see crossing the roofs, but never caught any in the act.

Wondering if anyone else has this issue? Or has dealt with this in the past?


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It sounds like you've done and taken all the sensible precautions you can.  I'm surprised you're still having problems -- it could be that you have a ley line crossing point in your back garden that is drawing the cats.  Get a dog?  Even a small breed (e.g. Chihuahua) will be enough to deter most felines, although for more zealous cats, exorcism might be the only solution.

Best of luck!

Try getting your own cat. Your cat will set up your garden as its territory and in so doing keep the neighbouring cats at bay. Alternatively try using ROAR.. It's a dry pellet deterrent made from the poo of large cats, lions,tigers and such like.
We are on Morley and have two very flabby tabby cats who like to poo in my flower beds X I have been squirting them with the hose xx

They never seem to be in the garden when we are otherwise I'd be there spray in hand. Couldn't say which cat it was.

Don't want a cat or a dog, although maybe borrowing one for a couple days to fend off any would be poopers might be an idea.

Roar sounds interesting, might try and find out more. M

I have caught the black and white one with a bell several times in my garden on Galdstone Ave. Along with a black one. Getting a cat is not an option for as I am not an animal lover and would hate to just to get for use it to deter other cats.
I will definitely look into the ROAR

Cats don't like cluttered spaces, so fill up all the empty spaces in your garden. You could even use empty flowerpots until they get out of the habit of using your garden.


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