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Thanks! I signed in. 150 people so far so if anyone here disagrees with the council's plans to charge for green and large waste pick up, be sure to sign it!

Full info here: Changes to waste service

Thanks for posting the link. Everybody - make sure you scroll to the bottom of the second page after you submit your details and click the 'Sign' button, otherwise your vote doesn't count. Somebody more cynical than mie might think they'd designed it deliberately to confuse....

Got to agree with you here Katie.  Ridiculous making you click again when you think you've signed it.

Signed. This council policy is going to increase fly tips.

Signed. Fly tipping will only increase! It bad enough already.

The petition ended with only 1423 votes, which is disappointing, also considering documents like this one:

(see the "Outcomes" column on page 2)

However it may not be the end of the story.

Although the garden waste collection is going to be charged from October 23rd, neighbours can share the service, splitting the bill.

After all, I doubt that any single household will produce green waste every week, so it makes sense to get organised with our neighbours (far and near) and maximise the benefit of the annual fee.

Personally, I am not going to pay the extortionate cost of £75 for a service I use only a few times a year (I'd rather drive to the recycling centre as needed), but would be very happy to make a subscription if shared with as many neighbours as practically possible.

You're right, the council is ignoring its own research & advice. I'd be interested in sharing a garden refuse bin with neighbours but most of seem to have concrete "gardens'.

I'm disappointed by the last of engagement, too. Maybe people don't bother because petitions don't seem to work very much? I think that but add my voice anyway to show the powers-that-be that some people care about the issue.

Looking on the bright side, layering garden waste with regular garbage might help mask the smell of cat litter that smells quite bad after it's been left to fester for over a week. 

For sure, the Council's website does a great job in keeping petitions well out of public visibility

I don't have time to read through this. Charging for garden waste now seems to be a country wide policy. Such a same as it has stopped me from recycling this type of waste. I have already started to put garden waste in my regular bin that is no problem for me. 

Can we just drive stuff over to Western Road recycling?


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