Can any one bring this forward?

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Road Sweeping.

Used to see a Road sweeper several times a week. As back of Shopping City. Noticed in recent weeks that the Motorised Sweeper has been doing Roads and Pavements. Issue as they do not pick up between vehicles. Expect part of latest cut's in Local Services

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The link that you provided for more information does not work for people who are not members of that other site so we can't tell what you would like our members to bring forward. Please explain it here and we're sure that our members will be happy to share whatever useful information they have on the subject.

Regarding the other site:

As a community site that takes a significant amount of volunteer time and monetary cost, we are happy to support other community sites such as:

Bowes and Bounds Connected

Harringay online

Alexandra Park Neighbours

Tottenham Life


HOWEVER, we do not allow links to the large, global site you shared. We have a few questions about the data - including street addresses it requests from members but also, the effect it has on community sites, run by community members. Noel Park net has already experienced the loss of advertising revenue -- a small fee but one that is vital to covering the basic hosting and registration costs needed to keep this running.

We have discussed this with the administrators of other community sites and we have some similar experiences on the impact.

Well I did not see this site, as our website TGRG(Tower Gardens Residents Group) and the Facebook site has not big amount of cost. As is is the same, whit the Haringey Neighbourhood Site. But all this site are less active, may we can learn from you.

The special case need's not more following ab, as I answered there poster to connect whit your site.


Who do we raise it with? The machines are damaging the pointing on our front brick wall.

Just let us know what you want us to do. Ha e you had any contact w/ Veolia?


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