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We were thinking of doing something similar with Big Local, only stickers to put on items that are flytipped. 

Haringey council sometimes put stickers on fly tipped items. They put some on a fly tip near mine recently. It encourages people to report it if they saw who did it. 

Any signage I think should tell people where they can dump stuff, tell them about the dump on Western Road etc. And perhaps be in several languages.

I like the Newcastle signs - would like to know if they were more effective than something more low key -  and I do think the message in Haringey needs to be harder. 

I was in Hackney yesterday and I was struck by how much less scuzzy their streets are. They've contracted out their services to Bassett Waste. I wonder if they just hired a better provider, or if they negotiated a better service level agreement. 

Hi, I've recently (few months ago) been involved in a photoshoot organised by TEAM NOEL PARK.  They took pictures of some residents including myself, surrounded by rubbish to highlight this problem and to make people aware that residents who live in noel park don't like seeing fly tipping and dumped rubbish in their neighbourhood. They were then going to pick a few photos, and turn them into posters and install them in the area.  I just had an email form team noel park informing me that these posters will be installed in the area this week.  they hope to have the majority in place by Friday 22nd July.  they want to know if any residents will be interested to come along for a photo call next to one of the posters on July 22 at 12:30. they will notify of the exact time and location. I have attached a copy of one of the posters.  if anyone is interested to attend they can email Jenny gray at:  


Good work, Team Noel Park - they're really effective. 

These are great.

I hope the posters work. Good to know that there is some recognition of the problem. I am available for this photo call. Any info when and where it is taking place?


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