As suggested on another thread, there appear to be plenty of people at the end of their tethers when it comes to fly-tipping and waste problems in the Noel Park area.

The key problems as I see them are:

1) The council is asking us to report problems, which we all do, but they are not addressed and there are no long-term solutions being implemented to prevent them

2) Veolia provides a sub-standard service and their purple bags attract more fly-tipping and undermine their own advice

3) There is a fly-tipping strategy officer employed to address these problems but so far has sent just a few flyers limited to two or three streets. A drop in the ocean

4) The zoning of daily vs. weekly sweeps does not match the areas where High Rd shoppers gather and drop litter and fly-tip: most litter and fly-tipping in the western side of Noel Park comes from High Rd shoppers

5) The public and residential waste disposal is not enough

6) The knock-on effects of these issues are increased ASB, rat infestations, people not caring and fly-tipping more: the broken window effect

Please add your name and any other key issues you see (in addition to the above) to this thread so we can get a list of names of people willing to join the next surgeries en masse to raise these problems with the ward councillor.

Peray Ahmet's next surgery is Saturday 16th March and I suggest we use the next week to compile a list of attendees, create a list of the key issues and some clear actions and what we want to sort this out once and for all.

(Please feel free to suggest alternative approaches too, I am kicking off this thread so we can get moving on it)

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Do remember years ago Harringey had Recycling Collection bins. On the High streets and near drink shops But removed as contents was Not Suitable for Recycling. As Also discovered Raised Beds also get filled with Rubbish / Knives and Drugs. Accept Burning if Rubbish is Not Ideal. It is better than Land Fill and mileage to limited Tips. And does save importing Fuel for Power Generating.

Thanks Mark 

for putting together a comprehensive response which I've just read through.  I can't come to the March meeting but am planning to come along next month.  It's so important and I really want to contribute as I think relying on voting for politicians isn't the way forward.  Increasingly I think its only through community action and holding elected officials to account by being informed is the only way through this.

I'm a bit lost on where things have reached  from recent replies.  Are there any more recent updates?  Thanks

Hi everyone

I am meeting Peray at Lucia's coffee shop at 11am tomorrow (Saturday).

I will run through the document with her, take notes and report back via this thread. The document has been submitted to her and contains everyone's input as per my other message.

Do feel free to join (let me know if you are coming) but I am more than happy to handle the meeting and report back as I appreciate this is short notice.



Hi, all:

Quick update for you. Rachella and I met with Peray today and had a constructive meeting.

We managed to get through some of the key points from everyone's contributions but will be expecting a response to everything in the document within 2 weeks or so. Once received from Peray, I will distribute.

We also discussed:

- Revitalising Team Noel Park

- Points around HMO licensing and ways to encourage longer lets

- Identifying key fly-tip hotspots (e.g. Gladstone Mews, Russell Park entrance, end of Vincent Rd, corner of Salisbury Rd and Gladstone Avenue) and working with the council, getting them to put the effective measures in place which have had successes in other hotspots (e.g. designing out the areas, CCTV, signage, etc.) and then moving onto other spots

Feel free to add thoughts below.

I'll let everyone know when we have more information and responses. Some topics for the next NPNARA meeting.

Hi Mark and Rachella

Many thanks for this.

I  look forward to the written response from Councillor Peray . 


Hi Mark and Rachella - thanks so much for doing this.  I plan to come along to the next one so will keep watching out for updates and the next dates. In the meantime if you need people to do anything please let me know as I'd be happy to help in any way that i can

I noticed this week that a CCTV camera has been installed pointing at Gladstone Mews, a notable bad spot for fly-tipping..

That's good - it's an especially bad spot. Hope it leads to improvements. 

Sorry bit late to the party here. We live on Morley ave and we get lots of rubbish dumped next to e electric box and on or around the lovely friendship tree. Plus the rented homes regularly dumingvclothes toys etc. I would like to see the large bins placed around NP. It’s seems the flats on each corner of the roads do not have rubbish bins? Hopefully the council making private landlords get a licence will help. Or am I dreaming x

Well done to Rochelle and Mark for all their efforts. It's not easy. I want to suggest that we all download the app "love clean streets" to report any fly tipping,overflowing bins and blocked drains as soon as you see them. I think one of the best ways to help deter fly tippers is to make sure there is no litter on the streets around your house as that only encourages them. This is what I try and do on Moselle Avenue and Redvers Road where I am.

The app is really easy to use. You take a picture, let the app update your position and select the correct category.

The app can be downloaded at

Also I was thinking of hiring a zipvan and riding around Noel park to pick up all the rubbish to present to the councillors if anyone is interested.

Would be your Luck to be stopped and fined for Not having a Waste License.                                                                       A issue with many Contractors Working within the Borough

Big issue is that people are proving Time after Time they can Dump Rubbish without Fear of getting Prosecuted

In my Days as a Haringey Cleansing Inspector - Scavenger Crews reported Dumps or if information was there for dealing with Offenders

As its a Contractor collecting and Haringey Inspectors it does not seem to be a Working Operation.

Reason Our Elected Councillors have got to get it Sorted

As Stated Refuse bins attract more carrier bag rubbish than passing people dropping of in use waste

Yes Refuse collect every other week does cause major issues.                                                                                   Especially as Haringey Population has double in recent years

New properties and illegal letting of Rooms in large Houses.                                                                                                 If listed as Flats they would get a Refuse and Recycling Bin per property

My money that it will Never get sorted by Current Elected Councillors.                                                                              Who seem to be more preoccupied with Party issues than the issues they are being paid for by Rate Payers

Following recent issue of Haringey People there was a Article about uncollectable recycling Bins.                                       It offered No answer to bins labelled.                                                                                                                                        I contact Haringey about why they was Not emptied on next Refuse Collection. But never got a reply.                             The likes of Lordship lane N17 near Lordship Park are littered with overfill uncollected recycling bins

I dont understand the Councillors reluctance to criticise the Veolia contract. It is a huge 10 yr contract..


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