As suggested on another thread, there appear to be plenty of people at the end of their tethers when it comes to fly-tipping and waste problems in the Noel Park area.

The key problems as I see them are:

1) The council is asking us to report problems, which we all do, but they are not addressed and there are no long-term solutions being implemented to prevent them

2) Veolia provides a sub-standard service and their purple bags attract more fly-tipping and undermine their own advice

3) There is a fly-tipping strategy officer employed to address these problems but so far has sent just a few flyers limited to two or three streets. A drop in the ocean

4) The zoning of daily vs. weekly sweeps does not match the areas where High Rd shoppers gather and drop litter and fly-tip: most litter and fly-tipping in the western side of Noel Park comes from High Rd shoppers

5) The public and residential waste disposal is not enough

6) The knock-on effects of these issues are increased ASB, rat infestations, people not caring and fly-tipping more: the broken window effect

Please add your name and any other key issues you see (in addition to the above) to this thread so we can get a list of names of people willing to join the next surgeries en masse to raise these problems with the ward councillor.

Peray Ahmet's next surgery is Saturday 16th March and I suggest we use the next week to compile a list of attendees, create a list of the key issues and some clear actions and what we want to sort this out once and for all.

(Please feel free to suggest alternative approaches too, I am kicking off this thread so we can get moving on it)

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Count me in, Mark, we definitely need to do something. 

I have several outfits I can wear for the occasion made up of clothes I’ve rescued off the street.

I'll come if I'm not working.  work shifts so can't commit too far in advance.

Can Haringey also not copy Enfield and bring in fines for those people who think it's okay to spit in the street. There seems to be a lot of them around here.

I agree with all of the above and would  be happy to come to the surgery on 16 March.  My part of the estate  ( Mark Road)

has a problem with daily fly-tipping and I wonder whether more cameras are needed in problem areas? As ever, problem with funding I'm sure.

Basically, weekly refuse collections are insufficient, the amount of household waste being dumped on the side of the road is out of control, Veolia's habit of leaving their own purple waste bags at the kerb side for days at a time has 'taught' residents that this is how refuse collection works, private landlords have a high turnover of tenants (which can't be much fun for the tenants) and dump mattresses, bed frames, clothes, children's toys and other belongings when they clear out from one tenancy to the next. We know all this. We can see all this. And that is why it is so frustrating when we're told, 'make a report', and it gets cleared away, and then there's another incident, and we make a report, and that gets cleared away. It's like Groundhog Day. But with fly tipping. 

Really good comment Mark and everyone contributing. Speaking to one of the Veolia cleaners he told me that Veolia run the contract as a loss maker focusing efforts around council offices to keep them happy and hoping to use the contract as a means to get other contracts in London. Staff at Veolia are aware of the problems but don't have the resources (tools and staff) to do the job properly. I would be so happy to join you when you meet the councillors. I would suggest that they are there three Saturdays a month so we can meet them every weekend til they agree.

Hello - I think it is really good that you are actually doing something constructive about this.

I am also at the end of my tether about street cleansing.  

Veolia who make billions out of outsourced cleaning contracts are doing such a bad job.  I've noticed that their staff ( who i suspect are being exploited under poor working conditions) hardly have proper equipment to clean our filthy streets and don't turn up regularly.  Haringey Council need to be pressurised to take cleaning back in house with local communities being given a proper say in how the service is run. 

The fly tipping filthy streets are such a health risk particularly to young children who can't play safely in the streets partly because of this.

I will try and come on the 16th if I can and will let you know.  All the very best Deborah

Hi all. So I went and saw the councillor this morning. The councillor from Noel Park was at a conference so she sent a surrogate. I discussed the flytipping and the broken lights at the corner of Moselle AVE and Redvers Road. She seemed sympathetic and said that this would be forwarded to the Noel Park councillors. She also suggested taking pictures of dumping and then emailing them to the three councillors. Their opinion is that Veolia's performance is satisfactory. I have asked for the stats on the performance to understand how this is assessed. Gonna go back next Saturday at 10.30 to meet Councillor Ibrahim. But I think it would be helpful to build up locations of fly tipping. So.far I have:
Gladstone Mews
Bury Road
Redvers Road

Have a great weekend all.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling Julien. Please also add Mark Road for fly tipping. It's a constant problem. 

Thanks Julien.

(Slightly worrying that Veolia's performance is viewed as satisfactory - I'm curious about the performance targets that would lead to that conclusion.)

In terms of hotspots - i would add:

the corner of Farrant Avenue and Gladstone Avenue - regular dumping of household goods and furniture,

outside the shops near the Salvation Army on Lymington Avenue

the corner of Lymington Avenue opposite the tutoring centre

the main gates at Russell Park,

all along Salisbury Road - it's like a graveyard for mattresses.

Outside St Mark's Church on Ashley Crescent- regular dumping round for broken beds and delivery boxes. 

Another contributing factor is Veolia's habit of labelling recycling bins as non compliant, and refusing to empty them for weeks. Education and friendly engagement would go a long way in helping people comply with the rules. 

And finally, Veolia is teaching people how to flytip with its purple sacks left waiting for days at a time for collection. They need to acknowledge this.

I'll try to come to see Councillor Ibrahim this Saturday .

I have heard many times from the council that Veolia "sweeps the streets to standard". However, it should be understood that this means when they do sweep, the streets are left clean. It doesn't indicate their state the rest of the time, especially in roads which only get a weekly sweep. It's their action which is satisfactory, not the state of the roads the rest of the time.


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