Was mentioned at Monday Night residents meeting

Expected to find a Separate Section ?

Seem Facebook has not been update for some time

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We’re not sure what you mean by a separate section but if you look at the top of the Noel Park net homepage you’ll see a tab landed “Big Local.” Under it you’ll have an option to look at blog posts and discussions tagged “Big Local.” We’ve taken the liberty of tagging this post, too, so it will show up there. 

What is happening with the Big Local?


Thank you for asking this question. It's a perfect opportunity to explain what Big Local is, for those who don't know.  

Big Local is a local initiative, funded by Local Trust, which is funded by the lottery. It's resident-led, which means that residents decide how the £million should be spent, then residents write the Local Plan (the budget outlining how the money is spent), then residents create, organise and deliver the projects. So it's very grassroots: residents helping residents to help each other. Local Trust does have rules about how the money can be spent - for example, we can't spend it on services that the council has a statutory requirement to provide, such as rubbish collection, streetlights, highways, etc... 

There are three ways that residents can get involved:

1) Join the Big Local partnership.
Partnership members consult with the community, write the big local plan and vote on all the actions on the plan - from the plan itself to the individual initiatives and projects that come out of the plan. All partners are required to attend the monthly partnership meetings plus do one additional thing, such as hold an office (chair, co-chair, treasurer, secretary) or head up one of the Big Local sub-groups, or run a project

Time commitment: up to three hours a week

2) Work on a sub-group
We have 5 sub-groups based on areas of interest that came out of our public consultation:
1. environment
2. young people
3. employment & enterprise
4. seniors and vulnerable people
5. community hubs

Time commitment: will vary, depending on the group

3) Work on a specific project, for example, volunteer with the Westbury Banks Nature preserve which is part of the environment sub-group

Time commitment: will vary, depending on the group

So, as you can see, this is run by neighbors, for neighbors. I would like to think that anyone who is asking "What is happening with Big Local" really means "How can I get involved," since Big Local initiatives need residents who are willing to volunteer. Without local volunteers, nothing will happen because nobody is going to swoop in and do things for us. If we want something done, we have to do it ourselves!

All the people asking what's going on can contact us here: info@noelparkbiglocal.co.uk to volunteer to help us with our upcoming festival. 

Thanks Rochellr
Sorry thanks Rochelle


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