Hi All,

We are looking to put a small bicycle shed in our front garden in Hewitt Avenue.  With winter approaching it isn't great taking wet bikes through the house to the back garden.  Because it would be in front of the window, the shed will be as small as possible to avoid blocking light etc.

I took a look at Haringey site, but couldn't find the info I was after.  Maybe because I really don't understand how planning regs are written.  

We just wondered if it would be allowed under the conservation area, or if we would have to apply for any permission, or revisit our plan and make other arrangements for the bikes.  If anyone could shed (pun intended) some light on this I would be grateful.


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I don't know but we want to do the exact same thing so it'd be great if somebody out there knew.
My neighbours have had one for the past 5 years! No idea if it's legit or not, but it's still standing.

I have noticed many properties in the area with this type of storage for their bikes. Non of these arrangements appear to cause any negative impact in the street scene that they are located. The only thing that can think of to avoid would be the removal of any original garden walls or addition of extensive solid grounding. 

I was looking for a space to store 5 bikes and couldn't find anything suitable that would fit so opted to build my own bike shelter - this may not be a solution for you but I would be happy to share more detail. It is below the level of the hedge and front window so is not immediately noticeable. I am also hoping that this helps with security.

I've been considering doing the same. Please let us know the outcome.


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