Would any local cyclists be up for joining together to lobby the council about installing bikehangars in the area? Annual rental is around £30 per bike I think. I think there's a strong case to be made with the narrow hallways and small front gardens making storage a real issue.

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These are great. I don't cycle but if these were available then I probably would!

Yes! Would love this.

We've applied for one to be fitted on Russell Avenue but never heard back from the council. This is brilliant!

Thanks, Alex - I also applied a while back (Lymington Avenue) but likewise heard nothing. Maybe a collective approach will help! Would you send me your email so we can keep in touch about it?

If the council is ignoring your queries, it seems like this is the type of thing that Team Noel Park could help us with.

Thanks, Rachella - good idea.

There is one at the Junction of Russell and Mark Road, it's a bit in the wrong place as its right on the bend making cars pull out more than necessary! No one appears to be using it though it's been there for a while, maybe it would help if the Council let us know a bit more about them.
Sorry to hear your request was ignored Alex. Feel free to forward onto me and we can see if we can get you a response. Reminder of my email: peray.ahmet@haringey.gov.uk.



Thanks for your help Peray - you rock!

Will be in touch


With four bicycles in our household it is something we might be interest in, depends on location. We are on Hewitt

Hi Steph,

If you're still interested, please could you send me a message with an email address I can contact you on? I'll send a group email this week, which I'll then forward to the council.



Please count us in, we're very interested - Geoffrey and Louise Rendle - at the Lordship Lane end of Farrant Avenue.

I am new to Noel Park net and have been meaning to raise this issue myself for a while.

Geoffrey Rendle


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