Would any local cyclists be up for joining together to lobby the council about installing bikehangars in the area? Annual rental is around £30 per bike I think. I think there's a strong case to be made with the narrow hallways and small front gardens making storage a real issue.

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I've just emailed the coordinator of Team Noel Park to find out how to apply for the spaces. I'll post any response.

Charlotte, the coordinator of Team Noel Park has passed our query on to her colleague who manages the bike hangar scheme. He said he’ll ask Cyclehoop to get the advert online asap.


Is this the first one on our patch? Cnr Maurice Ave and Mark Rd

Very good idea, we have two bikes and we have no room... would be very interested, we are in Gathorne Road

We have one on Moselle Avenue too (by #198/200)

They're now available on the cycle hoop rental site £30 a year, so get them while they're still available

I would def be interested - we live on Russell Avenue.


Emma - The link to sign up is in the post just above yours.

Annual rent will increasing from £30 to £72 from October. Haringey council will no longer subsidise the rental charged by Cyclehoop. So much for supporting cycling in the borough. Enfield bike hangars cost £12 per annum to rent.
It's still less than £1.50 a week for secure bike storage. Government has cut council budgets by up to 40% - I guess this is what happens. I think it's great Haringey has installed two bike hangars in Noel Park and I hope they will provide more in the future.
Correction - rental increase from October 2018. Not 2017. I totally understand that Haringey council has to make savings due to budget cuts. I just hope it does not discourage residents from requesting more cycle hangars in Noel Park.


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