Any other EU passport holders/UK residents worried about the future in UK after Brexit? I am struggling to keep up with the information, instructions and all the bureaucracy that I 'must be aware of' (mostly hidden in the 'small print'). I am also keen to find a good immigration lawyer who is up to date with this and can help explain.

Although I've lived in the UK a lifetime, I am still required to expose my whole life's ins and outs to the home office, including dates I have been away from the UK (holidays/work trips over 30 yrs!), do an English test, answer questions about this and that.. if I 'intend to stay here' - and then 'hope I will be given a 'yes') etc. :-(  

Just needed to post something about this as its starting to really wind me up. 


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This was a concern of lots of the people at David Lammy's constituency Brexit/Article 50 meeting that I went to on Friday evening. There was talk about people in your situation getting together to pool knowledge and experience on the issues you mention. Sorry I can't provide any more specific info but you are definitely not alone in Haringey!


Oh thanks Katie, I wish I had known about the meeting, Lammy is clued on and vocal so I am sure it was a good meeting in all respects. I'll find out about any further Brexit meetings in Haringey, thanks again. H

If Lammy is your MP, it might be worth writing to or emailing him, he seems very switched on. Catherine West probably is too.

Thanks again Katie, Catherine West is my MP and I will write to her. H

If it makes you feel any better, 75% of people in the Hornsey and Wood Green area voted to remain, so at least we can feel that our immediate neighbours have some compassion for Europeans and some concern for the future of today's young people.

Thank you, Rachella, it is good to hear that. I know we are an amazing community - partly why I have lasted so long.. Lots of love to all. 

Hi Heidi,

I am in the same boat as you and many others. I am not overly concerned but the fact that I have to go through the hassle of a mind numbing bureaucratic process for no valid reason is really bothering me. On the plus side the Home Office seems to be pulling its act together and the application for Permanent Residency is now more straight forward and can be done online; there are many helpful Facebook groups such as UKCEN where you can get useful info and share your experience.

Good luck!

Thanks Fabio :-) yes I feel the same really, but still need to get my paperwork in order. My situation is a bit complicated in terms of the paperwork, as I have been here a very long time, was granted ILR ages ago but due to  changes in circumstances/status since, I now have to prove various details and that I am who I say I am (!!), some documents are not with me and some have to be officially translated (expensive, and a hassle) and some I can't even find.. so a bit more difficult - Anyway.. 

Heidi and others,

I don't know if you saw Newsnight on Wednesday? (link to the Iplayer, starts at 8 mins in). Nicolas Hatton from The 3 Million was on it. It's an organisation he set up recently to fight for the rights of EU citizens in the UK and Nicolas was talking about the ridiculous 85 page form that you have to fill in (he's French, been here 21 years). Unfortunately, he was rather talked over by Tory MP Peter Bone spouting alot of rubbish.

There's also an article about the 3 million in the Guardian here and a facebook group:, a website and a twitter feed @The3Million,

(for complete transparency, Nico is a friend of my brother's, but I didn't even know he was part of the 3 million until I just happened to see him on newsnight.)

Hope this might be useful for somebody.


Thanks, Katie. I didn't see the programme but know of and am part of the 3million and the other FB groups you mention - for anyone else in this situation, these groups are super informative, helpful and some lawyers offer their time too. Thanks for the update/info, Katie. :-) 

Heidi. Fear not. Don't listen to all the scare stories by the Remain Camp. Most of their propaganda has been proved wrong and our economy is growing faster than they predicted.

EU nationals are safe here and many more will continue to come here after Brexit to escape the growing high unemployment in EU economies. Brexit means British politicians will control a healthy flow of immigration to the UK, rather than unelected officials in Brussels. Have more faith in the wonderful politicians who have made this country an attractive place for you to live in. What made you leave your country and come here? What is wrong with living with your family in the country you were born in? 

David Lammy MP and Catherine West MP are hard line Remainers who have been proved wrong with all their dire predictions of Brexit, and with their support for Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party They are the last people you should take advice from. 

Let's refrain from turning this into a political discussion.


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