Any other EU passport holders/UK residents worried about the future in UK after Brexit? I am struggling to keep up with the information, instructions and all the bureaucracy that I 'must be aware of' (mostly hidden in the 'small print'). I am also keen to find a good immigration lawyer who is up to date with this and can help explain.

Although I've lived in the UK a lifetime, I am still required to expose my whole life's ins and outs to the home office, including dates I have been away from the UK (holidays/work trips over 30 yrs!), do an English test, answer questions about this and that.. if I 'intend to stay here' - and then 'hope I will be given a 'yes') etc. :-(  

Just needed to post something about this as its starting to really wind me up. 


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The Europeans seem to have it right. So many of us Brits are stunted by staying too close to our parents.

I don't don't know about that. I read somewhere that over 300,000 people emigrate from the UK every year.

Neil, this conversation ends here.  

I feel your pain! I've got the permanent residency after a few months of horrifying bureaucratic struggle in the UK and in my home country. Now onto the final piece, the citizenship.

I'm currently baffled by the biometric registration. It's on the application form so I went to a Post Office to do it but was sent away and was told I need to apply first and only then Home Office will request I do the registration.

Has anyone from EU gone through the process recently and can advise me? I have a few friends who did this but long time ago so the process has changed and it's different for non-EU members.

It's truly terrible that we have to go through this but UK is my home so I feel I need to, as nothing is set in stone anymore. Better safe than sorry.

Good luck, you'll get there in the end!

Hi Agnieszka, Well done on the PR! I have not yet done the biometric registration - but I understand the Home Office will contact applicants with a request to make an appointment. These are brilliant FB groups you should follow - lots of really good and useful info - best of luck:

Thank you Heidi, I'll check them out!

And I re-read the form multiple times now and it looks like all I need to provide prior to submitting is my declaration that I'm willing to provide my biometric information.

The fields are in there for people who've applied in the past and thus would already provided them.

So now it all makes sense.

Great, good luck. I'm sure I'll be back asking you questions hen my time comes to do this. Right now too tired and busy to even start.. :-) 


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