Hi everyone,

My partner and I have been local for 4 years now (Harringay Ladder) and have fallen in love with Noel Park.

We have been saving and are now ready to buy our first home and would love to purchase a 2 bed in NP, join this vibrant community and start build a life together.

Huge fan of the history and story of Noel Park and also excited to see such an active community exists here too. Grew up in Welwyn Garden City so a concept close to my heart!

We are looking for 2 bed cottage - happy to take on a project / renovation job (dad is on hand with his new drill) and ready to move, so no chain.

Have found the agents to be hit and miss in the area - lots want to play silly games!

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks a lot and hope to be neighbours before too long!

Giulia and Robin

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Good luck with the house hunt, I hope it is successful. Me and my partner looked at over 60 places on the estate. You have to be tenacious, patient and persistent. A lot of estate agents didn't understand that we wanted a 'fixer-upper'. We did not want a renovated place because we wanted to put our stamp. We did put an offer on three places. Two rejected. The third accepted. We lucked out because it was the largest of the three and the least expensive.

Word of advice - when offering be a little cheeky - ask for a discount if the place you are looking at has UPVC windows and doors (to cover the cost when you want to replace them with something more in keeping). The estate will be undergoing a major survey by English Heritage (house-by-house) to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Great to hear you're interested in Noel Park! Like Teddy my partner and I looked for months elsewhere and it was purely by chance an agent on the Ladder showed us the home we live in now. By then we'd seen a number of properties on the estate of varying degrees of condition.

They don't build them like these anymore. We'd put a bid in for one property with UPVC but the surveyor came back and reduced his valuation on the property because some of the original windows, internal features had been stripped out. Don't be afraid of asking for a reduction and be prepared to own a piece of living history.

Look forward to seeing you around!

We've been here just over a year and absolutely love it. Very good luck to you. R

Thanks so much for the comments and tips. We've been researching and have def seen a huge variety in price of properties. Have our in principle and started viewings so now the fun really starts! G

Hi, Giulia and Robin

Great to hear that you are looking at Noel Park as a place to live rather than hunting for a buy-to-let. I hope your search is going well or that you both have found a home? When I first came across Noel Park its tiered looking state was not a good first impression, but, when I had my one and only viewing it felt like home. The agent we used was rather a Dell boy but no messing around. Am lucky to now have a home with original sash windows and open fires. The previous people had done a lot of work on the place. My neighbour told me the house had been in a mess. I just had some tweaking to do. Have you both moved in?

Hi Giulia and Robin,

Me and my wife moved from Clapham to Noel Park about 6 months ago, we really love this area!

Good luck!


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