This article in The Guardian, yesterday is about Peckham, but several things in it apply to the way Haringey Council is approaching "regeneration" in Wood Green and Tottenham. I've posted a link to the full article below but this is the part that resonates most with me:

"Hall co-ordinated a three-year ethnographic study called Ordinary Streets, part of which focused on small independent shops in Rye Lane appropriated by successive waves of immigrants. “One thing we wanted to do was to try to map skills and entrepreneurialism, not just deprivation, which is too often the focus,” she says. Hall’s point is that today’s Del Boys have skills that go unrecognised by local council bureaucrats when they embark on regeneration plans. “The council has been unsympathetic to migrant activity on Rye Lane, preferring to go for more conventional ideas of regeneration, which means more chains rather than small independent stores where the really business acumen is.” Indeed, Hall reckons that the super-diverse shopping street of Rye Lane, with its bargain stores and ethnic food shops, has more retail outlets per square metre, is more profitable and thus pays more rates than the glitzy shopping centre of Westfield Stratford. Del Boy Trotter, you’d think, would be proud of what Peckham has become."

Cities in culture: how today's Peckham compares with Only Fools and...

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Sounds great and super relevant Rachella - I will read full article v soon. Great stuff, interesting. Maybe we should look at getting funding from the local budgets and funds for a conference/symposium.. (IF WE HAVE TIME...!!)   ;-)  


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