Hi all,

I've been a resident of Noel Park for nearly a year and have been surprised by the number of renovations taking place which haven't taken heed of the conservation area status of Noel Park. I'm thinking of uPVC front windows and the like.

I realise the enforcement of the conservation area was fairly lax over a number of years and as a result it isn't clear to many residents what they can and can't do to their properties today, but I was wondering if there might be a way to raise awareness of the conservation area and promote adherence to the guidelines. It would greatly improve the visual character of the area and encourage sensitive renovations.

Opinions and suggestions on how we might raise awareness would be gratefully received.


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We've done a lot over the years to raise awareness of this, including doing the attached conservation area appraisal. Our local historic conservation group also put together a social history photo project to engage residents. This exhibit is scheduled to show at the local history fair at Bruce Castle on the 18th -- though there's a time clash so watch this space for updates on that. The truth of the matter is that the people putting the plastic windows in know what they're doing is wrong and they simply don't care. They don't believe that they're devaluing their property (and the neighbourhood) and will only find out -- too late -- when they try to sell it. Maybe they bought it so cheap that they don't care.

Anyway, here some links related to this subject. There are more but I started to get cut & past fatigue! Some of these may not seem that relevant but I've included them to illustrate that there are, indeed, quite a few resident who care about this subject. Take a look, too at the photos taken during open house London. If you've got any ideas about how to engage people, please share!

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Hi Rachella,

Thanks very much for the considered response, and it clearly shows how seriously a subset of residents take this issue. Perhaps my naïve thought that leaflets might help educate residents was ill judged...

I guess I'll just have to keep on top of notifying the council of breaches!

the more people who report, the better chance of change!

BTW, we're exhibiting our social history of Noel Park exhibit this weekend at Bruce Castle. Stop by and say hello.

There are a number of residents on the estate who are just as concerned as you are. They have given up a lot of their free time and effort to try to resolve this issue. I think their work is ongoing...

We have complained over a few houses being gutted. The windows in the laundry, lots of plastic doors and windows. Nothing seems to work


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