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I've posted before about the conservation area requirements of Noel Park, keen to learn more and also work to preserve and improve the character of the area. Recently I noted that a house in Noel Park replaced its wooden sash windows with uPVC casement windows and so thought I'd raise it via the enforcement team at Haringey council. When I replace my windows I was hoping to go with modern wooden sash windows, so was keen to assess Haringey's willingness to enforce contravention of Article 4.

I've totally been given the runaround by the council - first they closed the complaint on the basis that the homeowner had told them they'd replaced the uPVC windows, ostensibly with wooden sash, but I quickly supplied a photo showing no change. Then I was told that the property wasn't in the conservation area, which again was quickly quashed with a photo of the conservation area map.

Then most recent contact from the enforcement team seemed to suggest that they felt the uPVC windows were appropriate, and I'm left somewhat stunned. I've followed up again to try and trace the logic and make sure they mean what I think they mean, but this leaves me stunned and unsure of the best course of action.

I feel saddened and disappointed that following the conservation area report of a couple of years ago, the council aren't willing to draw a line under previous lack of enforcement to try to improve the character of Noel Park. I can see so much potential in the area but it's going to be impossible to realise without support from the council.

So what to do? I'm thinking of speaking with our local councillor for some advice. Any thoughts from you all would be gratefully received.

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I've been fighting this battle for a couple of years, now. Email me all the details to rachella.sinclair@gmail.com -- including the letter you sent and I will email who I know and share all my contacts with you. 

Will do - thanks Rachella!

Maybe get all your written (nonsense) evidence from the council put together and pass it onto the council ombudsman.

Hi, what road is this property on? Thanks, Chloe
We just replaced our windows in Hewitt. We had to get architects drawings/plans. Then we submitted these plans along with a planning application to Haringey council. We were told by the planning department we could NOT install box sash PVC windows at the front of the house. So, we complied with the council and installed timber frame box sash windows at the front of the house. At the rear of the property we were told that we could install pvc box sash windows.

I just presumed we had to comply with the planning regulations becauce Noel Park is a conservation area. I think a lot of people just replace their windows with uPVC without planning because it saves them a lot of money, and maybe because they know the council never enforces contravention of Article 4.
Interestingly there are lots of properties (council owned?) that have had windows replaced a few months ago with uPVC. Disappointing to say the least.
The windows at the front are wooden sash.
The new windows at the front of the council owned houses are all wood frame box sash windows. We checked with Haringey council before we went ahead and replaced our windows.

Our neighbours on corner of Vincent Road and Gladstone Avenue had their windows replaced this month with uPVC sash windows.  They are council tenants. They look similar in style to the original wooden sash windows but sadly they aren't.

I would recommend taking a phot of the windows and submitting a complaint. As you can see from my experience so far, the road is not straightforward, but I shan't be giving up.

Thanks Dean - I will do.

This means that the tenants did it on there own, not homes for Haringey. It needs to be reported to haringey enforcement AND to homes for haringey. Tenants downing this are breaking heir lease agreement so H4H has the power to make the tenants fix the damage they did.


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