CPZ Consultation - Proposed Amendments to Parking Charges and Permits

CPZ Consultation - Proposed Amendments to Parking Charges and Permits

Haringey Council are proposing major changes to CPZ parking charges and permits. A consultation process started yesterday and ends very soon on 24 June 2020. Details on the Haringey London Website ---


The proposals include £10 increase across all existing permits, an £80 diesel surcharge, a 25% surcharge to on-street pay-to-park areas and off-street car parks, and a £20 administration fee on processing parking permit refunds. There are a number of other proposals and I would strongly recommend reading the proposed amendments and sending any comments well before 24 June 2020 to Haringey Council at the following front-line consultation email address.


I do not own a car any more but have very major concerns about the proposals for VISITORS PERMITS. The following is proposed by Haringey Council

Visitor permits – households would be limited to no more than two daily visitor permits at any one time.

As an owner occupier of an old Noel Park terraced house, I have a requirement for maintenance of the house that needs trades people to park outside. Replacing the roof, for example, may require trades people to park at the front for 5 or 6 days whole days. Upgrading a kitchen may require several types of trades people to park for UP TO 3 weeks for whole days. If only two daily visitors permits are issued at any one time, how would I be able to arrange parking for home maintenance projects of this type???

I have submitted a request to the front-line consultation email (above) asking for clarification. I am confused!. They have sent an automatic reply saying that they do not always respond to individual comments!!

Have I missed something or misunderstood the proposals?

A weeks work of one trades person would require a total of approx 40 one hour permits, crazy !!!


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i had exactly the same thought. So either we need to get our submissions in about this, or, it is just really badly worded, and Haringey should make this clearer.

Hi Steph - Thanks for your support. PLEASE - AS MANY RESIDENTS AS POSSIBLE submitting comments to frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk asap, and no later than 24 June 2020, should help to change or at least clarify these proposals. After sending in the comments in it might help to also email or phone the Noel Park Councillors who represent us. Contact details of Noel Park Councillors are on Haringey Website https://www.minutes.haringey.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=3946. Best of luck - Martin

Hi, this has been discussed on the Harringay Online site:


The conclusion they came to is that you will still be able to order as many visitor permits as you like, but only up to 2 can be in use at the same time- i.e. you can have up to 2 contractors or visitors outside your house at one time, but  not 3!.

The reason they are doing this is to stop residents "selling on" permits in certain areas, i.e. near the Spurs ground.

It's not clear how they will,police this, but it's suggested that you may have to register the number plate of the visitor, on the day of the visit,  before using the permit?

Yes, I understood it to mean more than two permits could not be used at the same time.  I think that visitor vouchers each have a code number linked to the account/household that purchased them so, in theory, it should be easy to enforce that way. 

It is confusing! I just read it and agree with Rich. It seems that no more than two permits can be used at a residence at any given time. 

I'm personally for anything that will cut down car usage. According to Haringey's Borough profile 52-64% of households In Noel Park do not have a car, yet I've noticed that those households on my block that do own cars often have 2-3, or more. 

I'd like to see parking restrictions extended overnight, too. A driver currently sits outside my house idling his car for 3 hours a night! 

Hi again from Martin.

Thanks for all your input - re: Haringey Parking Visitor Permit Proposals. I describe, below, an interesting development:

I have just revisited the Haringey London Website. Although, to the best of my knowledge they have not admitted it, Haringey have now inserted an additional word 'USE' that results in the proposal being much less ambiguous

Original statement on website:

Visitor permits – households would be limited to no more than two daily visitor permits at any one time.

New statement on website:

Visitor permits – households would be limited to use no more than two daily visitor permits at any one time.

In addition to this the website has a link "List of Traffic Management Order Page". Clicking on this link gives access to another website with a list of pdf files. These pdf files can be viewed by clicking on further links. They contain a lot more detailed information. I accessed "Parking Charges Statement of Reasons" pdf file. This gives a lot of background details that describe the reasoning and events leading up to most of these proposals. An extract from the visitor voucher section is below:

The use of a daily visitor permit both online and paper option, to be restricted to
two concurrent live permits per account holder i.e. if a third permit is in use then
the vehicle utilising the 3rd and subsequent permits may be issued with a Penalty
Charge Notice.

I could not find any details of how Haringey will police this.

My interpretation is that, if I was replacing a kitchen in my terraced house, I would be able to purchase as many visitor permits as I require from Haringey. I would be able to give permits to 2 trades peoples vans at the same time - eg. a plasterer and an electrician but would have to plan it to avoid 3 trades people vans at the same time - eg a plasterer, electrician, and plumber could not all park outside at the same time.

I think this is probably sorted - but a reply on NoelParknet may be a good way to discuss this and other aspects of these proposals with your neighbours. The "Parking Charges Statement of Reasons" file (see how to access this above)  is a good way of finding out why particular proposals have been made by Haringey. Comments and any objections must be received by Haringey front-line consultation by 24 June 2020, ie very soon, using the link  frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk 


I just had a look and responded. Have to say it's a very open ended questionaire. 


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