The recent double shooting on Lordship Lane is yet another violent crime to add to what seems to be an escalating problem.  When residents try to engage with the powers-that-be, we often feel that our concerns are ignored, trivialised or swept aside for other reasons.

Or, even worse, we get ridiculous responses. For example, after the most recent shooting a police officer said  that residents should call the police when we think something's going to happen. Is crime fighting by ESP a new policing technique? 

Noel Park net has decided to gather some data to show what local residents think about the causes of this issue, and what can be done. When we get 100 responses we will publish our data to work towards community-led action.

Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. 
If you would like to participate, please click the link below. We do need 100 responses for any survey to be valid so thank you in advance for participating!

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49 people have completed our survey already! We need 51 more to have a big enough data set to share our findings.

Many respondents are saying that gangs are causing the problem. Let's go deeper: Why do you think gangs are targeting that particular section of Lordship Lane -- the couple of blocks were the shootings usually happen. Answer anonymously in the survey. 

We've had amazing feedback on the quiz so far! 20 spaces left if you haven't taken the survey, yet.

We've had a fantastic response to our survey with 91 participants! This means that there are 9 spots left before we publish the (anonymous) results, so if your are interested in sharing your views take the survey now. It takes an average of 1 and a half minutes to complete. 

We've reached 100 respondents! Thank you to everyone who participated. We'll share the results throughout the next week so watch this space. 


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