Hello Noel Park residents, Every week there is rubbish dumped on the corner of Moselle Ave and Vincent Road which is sad to see as it's not only looks horrible but often blocks the footpath. Sometime in the night of Saturday 18th someone dumped so much rubbish opposite between the Sparkles laundrette and 77 Moselle it reaches about 5 metres down the road. I have posted this and many other dumped rubbish on the Haringey site but I'm wondering if there's any neighbourhood watch in operation in the area? Dumped rubbish apparently costs Haringey council £3 million every year. What can we do about keeping Noel Park looking it's best?

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There is a Noel Park neighbourhood watch. They're on Noel Park net here: http://noelparknet.ning.com/profile/NeighbourhoodWatch

We've found that we get the quickest response to flytipping by tagging Veolia on Twitter @VeoliaUK. They seem to have a system in place to answer and respond to tweets and the rubbish is usually cleared within 24 hours. 

That doesn't address stopping the dumping from happening in the first place and why Noel Park seems to be such a magnet. it would be great to tackle this on the grassroots, with residents working together.

How do we join the neighbours watch? Do they meet or is it virtual?

Thanks for your reply. I've got the app now! The neighbourhood watch link could be useful. I guess it would be great to eventually all meet in person one day.


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