Hi Noel Park!


Some of you may have seen this already if you are on HoL. If not, then here we go again! My name is Tanya, and I live not too far from the area (on the cusp of Islington and Haringey). 


I’m working in City Hall within the Policing and Crime Office. Part of my role is to develop a Public Engagement Plan. The Plan is a joint effort between City Hall and the Metropolitan Police, and looks at how we engage with communities across London.


To make sure the plan represents the views of London’s communities we are speaking with people from across the capital. Next week (Monday 10th @ 6.30pm) I will be holding a round table with a group of Londoners from different boroughs. 


If you would like to come along (and I would absolutely love you to) then please RSVP at this link – just so I know how many biccys to bring!

If you can’t make it then I will also be having a discussion on Talk London next week.  This is an online community where you can have your say on London's big issues, and the team there gather your opinions to help steer the policy decisions of the future - on housing, the environment, transport, safety, jobs and more. You have to sign up to this, but it doesn’t take long.


Thanks for having me on here and for being kind!


See you soon, and don’t forget to RSVP at this link to come next week, or sign up to have a discussion on Talk London about similar issues!




P.s. here's how to find city hall

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Welcome to Noel Park net. We've taken the liberty of adding this to our events, too.

Thanks so much!


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