Hi there, we have 2 cats and it would be great to find a neighbour who wouldn't mind feeding them while we were on holiday.  We would of course return the favour and look after any pets/water any gardens while you take your holiday!!  It seems crazy to pay a stranger when there are so many cats roaming around others must need help too!  We are away 6-22 August if there are any takers.  We are on Moselle Avenue.



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Hi Lucy, I live on Moselle & am happy to enter into a mutual cat-feeding arrangement! I'll DM you
Apparently you have to accept a friend request from me before I can DM you! I've sent one

Hello Claire I'm sorry I didn't reply last month I hadn't seen that I had any replies!  I think your request had expired so I've sent you one now..  We need someone to feed the cats on 14 October if you are still into mutual cat feeding? There is also another active thread about getting togther some kind of pet sitting circle which would be brilliant.


I'm looking for someone to feed my cats for one weekend in September and October. I would be really happy to cat sit in return. My adult house cats, Jasper and Boe, are very gentle ragdolls and all they need is some food, fresh water and a cuddle. I'm replying a bit late to this, but is there any way I can get involved?

Katie (Darwin Road) xx
Hi Katie
I'd be happy to feed your cats while you're away. I'll send you a friend request so we can direct message
Thank you so much for replying Claire, I've accepted and hope we can take it forwards x


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