Hello Noel Park,

After four years under covers out back, we've finally 're'-installed the fire place to our front reception room on Gladstone Ave. This particular unit was salvaged from renovation works undertaken by our neighbour - and is an exact match (for that in the main bedroom).
Unfortunately the hearth tiling is long gone. Can anyone share pictures of how the original tiling may have looked?
Also curious as to the front-plate design - what type of plant might this represent?


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That's nice!  What type of flooring do you have? If you have anything on top of the original floorboards, you might still have the original hearth. In my house, the hearth was made up of glazed green tiles flat against the floor. Unfortunately most of it, was gone and filled in with cement so we replaced it with an unpolished slate hearth. I'll add a photo later so you can see what it looks like. 

Beautiful job, Paul!  Well done!

Such beautiful fireplaces.  This takes me back to the Gladstone Ave flat where we used to live a few years ago.  We were blessed with three original fireplaces, one of which later found a home on Farrant Ave. Our fireplace was the same as yours but with a more reddy terracotta tiling on the verticals (pic attached).  Our hearth was tiled, as Rachella says, almost flush with the floorboards.

I'm not totally sure about the flower on the front but could it be a peony?  I've noticed these in various front gardens on the estate.

We are in Russell Avenue where all the original fireplaces are gone and it's one of the things I miss most about our old place.  I'm hoping to be as fortunate as you in finding original Noel Park ones to reinstate in time.


Great, thanks for sharing Rich.


We're on Russell Avenue, I'm not sure if our fireplaces are original or if they have been restored by the previous owners, but I attach pictures of what they look like now.

We only have the plate left in the living room and I suspect the hearth's tiling was redone by the previous owner. However I think the tiling in our bedroom is original. (Rachella, are these the green tiles you mentioned? If one of you has any spare of these, I'd be very interested in purchasing 3 off you, as as you can see some of ours are broken! ;))

Paul I Hope your restoration project goes well, and hope to see pictures when you're done :)


The design of the surround and face-plate of the fireplace in your living room is the same as those at mine (on Gladstone). Surprised to see the variability in hearth tiles. The similarities and differences in the Noel Park houses are equally interesting. 

... almost complete!!

Yes! That looks similar, though ours were completely smashed up when the previous owners installed a gas fire. 


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