Is anyone missing a cat? It looks like he’s been stray for a while but he’s friendly and his fur is rubbed away around his neck as if he used to have a collar.

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We were finally able to catch the cat to see if it has a microchip which, sadly, it does not. He was needing medical attention so the RSPCA took it to be treated and assured me that it seems friendly enough to be rehomed.  

Yes Rachella! Sorry, I hope I’m not too late, I only just saw this post. There is a poster on Russell Avenue with a picture of a lost cat looking a lot like this one! The contact number is 07702862543

Here it is


Thank you for this. You're right, they look very similar. The little cat I found is male and doesn't have a microchip. That's the first thing I checked.  

I convinced the RSPCA to pick him up and they're taking good care of him - have treated his flea infestation and his skin is already clearing up. I know this because 4 days after they picked him up, the pet hospital called me, thinking it was my cat. 

Well that’s a crazy coincidence as they do look very similar! Great to hear he’s taken care of :) 


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