Free neutering for any cat that lives on the last block of Gladstone or Farrant (Lordship Ln end)

Saw this on a tree in front of my house.

Cats Protection is running a neutering programme in Noel Park  - for the last block of Gladstone or Farrant Ave (near Lordship Lane) so if you know of any stray cats who need neutering or medical attention, call the number on this leaflet for free care.

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I just spoke to the woman running this campaign. She was knocking on doors because no one's taken up this offer. If you are like me and didn't know what was a useful thing to do here's what they do:

1) Free neutering of any cat living or roaming on the last block of Gladstone and Farrant Ave. (the Lordship Lane end of the street) If you own a cat that isn't neutered you can get it neutered for free.

2) If you are feeding a cat that's not yours, Cats Protection will neuter the cat, check its health and bring it back if you'd like it back. If you don't want it back they will re-home it.

3) If any cats spend a lot of time in your garden but you don't know who the owners are, notify Cats Protection. If you can take a photo, all the best. They realise that cats being cats, they may not be around when they come but will look around the neighbourhood and check the ownership and health of the cats.

This is an unusual opportunity for us to help the cats in the neighbourhood. Anyone who's tried to get stray cats fixed will know how rare it is that an organisation will do it for free without any income vetting, etc.... 

Winter is coming so lets' help the stray cats in the neighbourhood. 

The woman running this campaign's name is Lou and you can reach her at: 07952292707 Beware of anyone who calls you from a 

Obviously, beware of anyone who calls you from a different number. We want to make sure that you're actually talking with Cat's Protection.

Someone took these signs down and replaced them w lost dog signs even using the same thumbtacks. Not cool.

One of my neighbours has what seems 100 cats. Can I report her?

It's not about reporting anyone. It's about helping the cats. If your neighbour is feeding strays cat's protection can neuter that for free. If she just happens to have a bunch of cats it sounds like some probably need neutering. She can get that done for free, too, also medical attention, if needed.

The woman who came to my door made it clear that they are not interested in kidnapping people's cats!


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