A Go Ape is being proposed and full planning application is pending. 

This is the link for the application and where you can comment/object

Ref HGY/2015/3141

Please object asap checking the application attachments 

I have objected - it's not the place for it in my view. What do you think?

It sounds like a money making venture for a private company in a public park, with wildlife, deer enclosure and local community activities (and lots of peace and quiet!) charging £25-£35 per person (in other current locations). It will increase footfall, traffic, litter, noise. In my view this outweighs the fun and games they advertise.

I saw the link in the local Streetlife Forum 


Go Ape

Phase 1 standard Habitat Survey (used in the determination of suitability for the proposal - re wildlife/habitats)

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Thanks for posting this, Heidi. You're right, it doesn't fit in that environment. The thing that made my blood boil the most was the way the organisation miss-represented the Alexandra Park CAAC's objections.

I just put un an objection and it's not showing up on the website. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sometimes it takes a while to show on the website.

GoApe has been given go-ahead for their proposals HGY/2015/3141

Here is the link 


In my view this is a private company making profits of our parks and charging ridiculous entrance fees that only some can afford. I don't agree with the intrusion in the natural landscape/habitat/influx of visitors/traffic/noise. I understand the need for local income etc but disagree with this one. 


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