Having been left with kidney failure thanks to oversights by three Morum House doctors, I think its time to change.  I wondered if there were surgeries near us that could be recommended? 

I have been looking on NHS choices, but hard to choose. Should I look out of Haringey? Is the ratio of GP to registered patients a factor? 

Any advice much appreciated


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Good grief! What happened and how did they miss it? I've had varying degrees of care from them but nothing major (touch wood). Hope you're ok now.

I've heard Morris House Group Surgery off Lordship Lane is not bad but they couldn't take us at the time. Might be time to give it another go.

Thank you Mei. Will check them out. Three GPs didn't read blood test results on the screen showing kidneys going from 86% to 42% to 15%. I ended up at A&E incredibly ill on 13% function. I have been told my kidneys will not recover from this. It remains to be seen over the next few months how much function comes back. To add insult to injury, the thrd GP called me just now, out of hours, to say she only just read my discharge letter from 22July...:(

That's absolutely shocking and I'm so sorry to hear this. Do take care of yourself and I do hope you recover somehow.

Oh no, I'm really sorry to hear that. I use the Westbury practice. It is hard to get though on the phone, but otherwise the care seems OK.

Thanks Rachella. Will check them out too.

I use Westbury Medical Centre too and have always found them good - for my 2 year old son too.  In fact, I'd say the care he's had has at times been excellent.  They have a lot of GPs and so although they're always busy, you can usually see someone quickly.  Sorry to hear about your experience at Morum House - it's shocking.

Thank you Tessa. Good to have another Westbury endorsement. Meeting with Morum House soon to investigate what went so wrong

Sorry to hear about this - hope you have recovered!!
I also recommend the Westbury Medical Centre. Have been going there for over 20 years and very happy with them. Always had great support from doctors, nurses and physio (my son is currently undergoing physio treatment & v happy). Reception staff also great, patient and professional.

So go for it and they seem to be taking new patients. All doctors are great, Emma Sinclair is wonderful, Mark Steinberg has lots of experience as his father Dr Steinberg Senior ran the practice for years (and was our family doctor), Dr Kirilov is also v good and friendly. In my view best medical care in the area. Chemist next door also brilliant - prescriptions can be sent there & collected. They've been also super helpful.
H :-)

thank you for this.

Westbury seems to be a good choice!

I am at the West Green surgery which I have found to be excellent. Once registered you can book appointments on line and they seem to have quite good availability. Good luck!

I will check them out too! thank you

Hi Nadya

I've only just seen your comments  and I'm horrified. You may have already found an alternative surgery, but  if not, Bounds Green Practice may be worth trying.



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