Haringey top of the league table in 'illegally dumped garden waste'

What is it about Haringey and what can we do to stop this antisocial behaviour?

High numbers of London residents 'illegally dumping garden waste'

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Maybe a Council that charges extra for green waste collection? :-)

Absolutely! Though other councils also charge for this but are not at the top of the list. I change in cultural mindset within the borough when it comes to flytipping and way rubbishing up the street is antisocial behaviour. 

Possibly the council publishing how much of our council tax is spent on dealing with fly tipping 

Joys of a Council that cut back on taking Green waste for recycling

Thankfully I can get mine in my Refuse Bin / Have been known to burn it in Garden

Can be taken to Western Road -

Haringey does offer a Green bin at a Charge - Brown Bin

Joys of a Council that does Not want to prosecute Offenders

Hi All ( but particularly Rachella and Mark)

Did we  get a written response from the Councillor    following your meeting  with her in March regarding our concerns  around dumping and general cleanliness on NP? 


My neighbour recently cut large Hedge. Put 4 large bags outside property.                                              After several days put them opposite his property. Outside church where scavenger crew collected them  

Scavenger crews have rest breaks opposite me.                                                                                     Often see vans and cars dump rubbish near the area.     As aware crew will clear it

What's Stopping them as aware chances of getting prosecuted are very low 

Well done to the Scavenger crews. Just want to emphasise the importance of loading the app "love clean streets" on your phone to report any rubbish fly tipping, overflowing bins or blocked drains as soon as you see them. See the link below.


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