Just going to Hawker Union this evening. Anyone who's been there, did you notice any vegetarian food? Not looking for vegetarian options @ other restaurants -- just wondering if I should eat before heading out.

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Had the vega Venezuelan chip butty, was super. Didn’t look for any other options so didn’t notice

Thanks! I missed the chip butty but had a mushroom pizza, which was quite nice.

So I went last night. Overall, I'd say it's a good addition to Wood Green. It has a pretty relaxed vibe, generally feels like a little bit of Hackney Wick in Wood Green. There are trampolines for the kids and a play area with a padded floor upstairs. People brought their dogs & were generally hanging out. It's mostly a kid and dog-friendly space for adults, though we went late so I'm guessing that families came earlier.

We got there at 7:00 PM and much of the food was sold out already. I'm assuming the vendors didn't anticipate the number of people that came and that will be ironed out. I would like to see more vegetarian options - just so that vegetarians can join their meat-eating friends and family. The Street Feasts in other areas have more vendors so I'm assuming this one is a test & that they'll see a demand and market that can accommodate more choices.

I went early on Saturday and there was a great vibe - lots of young families, the World Cup football crowd and others that were looking to enjoy a few drinks with friends in the sunny outside space. They were handing out free drinks and I overheard they'd had more than 500 people in the first 2 hours.

I agree there was a small selection of food vendors compared to other Street Feasts which did mean there was high demand for what was on offer (which was yum I might add!). I think they struggled at points to meet the demand which is never a bad thing. The vast inside space means I think you're right about them expanding and hopefully we'll seem them continue to add to and build on this fantastic addition to Wood Green as a place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a few drinks. 

PS. The Chin Chin London ice-cream was delicious (with vegan options).

Where is this? :-)

It's on an industrial estate. If you scroll down to the end there's a map: https://www.streetfeast.com/visit-us/hawker-union/

It's across the street from Karamel, in the Olympia trading estate.

When is it on - every Saturday or less regularly / more regularly?

It seems like it’s going to be every Friday, Saturday & Sunday for the rest of the summer.

Thanks for the info/update on this, Rachella. I am really looking forward to visiting next weekend when back in UK/NP. Looks great, hope there is at least some food/drink left later in the evening when I hope to visit :-) 

Well done, again, WOOD GREEN, for getting another interesting place on the map! 


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