i believe it mentioned in a previous post but i urge readers to go over the wood green area action plan, which IS NOT part of the Haringey Redevelopment Vehicle. A lot of back door and back ground dealings have been getting the go ahead re: Wood Green while attention is focused on Tottenham and the HDV.

Why I am posting this is because of the red flag that has been posed regarding the Mall owner, Capital & Regional and the goings on in Walthamstow (where they have their own version of the Mall - yuck, but that is just personal). 

One example of projects that are under the radar is the plan to build an Aldi with 70 extra parking spaces when we all know that the mall parking is under-utilised. The top floor is mostly used for dogging & drug dealing. And an Aldi on a street that's already a rat run? What impact is that going to have on the homes behind the mall? Even more worrying is a project being undertaken when The Mall is already having financial problems. Will it end up being yet another unfinished, abandoned project?

Please read the Wood Green Area Action plan and add your 2¢. Things seem to be happing on the sly because everyone's focusing on thr HDV.

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There’s a lot of piecemeal development planning happening under our noses: the M&S site, the library, that whole pie-shaped corner near Turnpike Lane station.

Piecemeal by design - it will be hard to defend the integrity of the High Road if it's already been compromised by the time the big plan is being finalised. 

Am I the only one who thinks the shop frontages on the High Road could be spruced up relatively easily? It's not a horrorshow - there are some lovely Edwardian features at first-floor height, I admire them on the bus all the time. Tower Boots have spruced their building up to look quite Shoreditch-y. Since money is tight and the future is uncertain, maybe a more low-tech approach would be more effective then trying to build Brent Cross 2.0?

We talk about this at my house all the time. When I lived in Hackney many of the buildings were in a worse state of crumbling decay that anything around here. Did they tear then down? No. Chatsworth road looks beautifully preserved with an arty twist but it wasn't well-preserved. It was just left and then saved. The big difference between that and our neighbourhood is that over there there was never the intermediate "modernisation" and plasticisation that we've had to suffer through.

I'd like to see a little bit of that on Wood Green High road. Cleaning up the shop fronts, pulling down the plastic signs and restoring the few Artizans plaques we have left would go a long way towards making the high road a nicer place to be, without pulling everything down and replacing it with ugly contemporary buildings. Haringey council should have learned that lesson with the last "regeneration" when all we ended up with is the low end of brutal architecture.

They de-plasticised the town square in my hometown, Tralee, and moved from plastic shop signs to hand painted and it made a huge difference. And the architecture there is far more pared back. I look at the changes on the Harringay stretch of Green Lanes, and the Bowes Park/ Myddleton Road area and I think that would work in Wood Green. 

I'd like a better mix of shops, but I don't know if we need total transformation. In the last consultation on the AAP, Options 1 and 2 were both well thought out and recession/ austerity proof - it was more about giving the High Road a bit of TLC, mixing in new housing and opening up the Cultural Quarter. I honestly think the less-is-more model is the best way to refresh/ support an ailing high street in a sustainable manner. 

We don't need a £33 million new civic centre, and we don't need to be the 'capital of Haringey'. If we could crack the litter and the flytipping problem, I think that would be transformational in itself. 

I've liked your post, but only because we don't have a button for 'here we go again'. 

You're right the big shadow of the HDV has hidden the smaller but still significant shadow of the Wood Green AAP. 

The new draft of the AAP is an improvement on the last draft but it still relies on yesterday's solutions to tomorrow's problems. Bricks and mortar retail is in longterm decline. Petrol and diesel cars will be replaced by electric cars (rented not owned) and bikes within the next 20 years. And we need to get the day to day services right (clean streets, better social care) before embarking on ambitious, risky projects.

In terms of the AAP you're also right - breaches of height restrictions on the high street, loss of recreation assets (cinema and a pub that I don't personally frequent but that is hugely popular), plans to 'open up Noel Park to the High Road', plans to expand the nighttime economy and loss of social housing all need challenging. 

I worry about the casual delisting of the Civic Centre and what it means for the longterm future of Noel Park or Tower Gardens. I think the plan to build a new £33 million pound HQ for Haringey Council is misguided. 

They're half promising a swimming pool though - or at least considering it now. That is progress. 

Hi all, just had a quick look at some of these posts and certainly hear and recognise the concerns being raised, some of which I agree with. Although there is also some inaccurate information included. For example, the Aldi application (car park as permission was not needed for internal changes) was rejected by the council and no appeal has been lodged by Capital and Regional. An objection was put in by the ward councillors and I spent some time talking to the traders in the market hall alongside Catherine West MP. So this is unlikely to go ahead.

With regards to the AAP, it is different to the HDV, in so far as it’s a master plan as opposed to a ‘development vehicle’. So within the AAP 5/6 sites were allocated as HDV ones which were due to be transferred at phase 1. This included the library, the civic centre, Asian centre, mosque and a large chunk of the commercial portfolio.

The Reg 18 consultation is being discussed currently and I urge residents to ensure that feedback is given, especially on issues that they object to. I have been attending meetings at Sky City and Page High and think it’s important that residents on those estates are engaged in plans as opposed to simply consulted on them. The Labour Party has a policy of balloting residents on regeneration estates, which I’m confident will be looked at locally post May.

I am happy to meet with a group of residents to discuss this further. Engagement is very important and officers are working on ideas as to how better to develop these plans in conjunction with all affected residents.

Cllr Peray Ahmet

Thanks, and good to hear that estates will be balloted before any final decisions are made.

I haven't made it to a NPNARA meeting yet despite my best intentions but I assume a meeting to hear more about the revised AAP would be really welcome.

I quite agree, Teddy. The Wood Green Action Plan (AAP) is a major document, and we have until March 16 (5pm) to comment upon it. Doing so is easy by e-mail

As Chair of Page High Tenants' Association, I'm particularly concerned about the planned demolition of my 92-home architecturally innovative 'rooftop village' social housing estate.

For more about the Tenants' Association's opposition to the AAP, please see the blog postings on our website.


Chair, Page High Tenants' Association

Page High on the web, e-mail, Twitter

Reiminder - if you haven't responded to the Wood Green Area Action Plan consultation yet, the cut off date is tomorrow, March 16th at 1700! 

Speak now or forever (or till the next consultation) hold your peace...

Apparently engagement has been low among Noel Park residents so please do take a some time to respond, especially important considering multiple recent tragic situations on the high road, the worst (but not only) being the murder of a teenager.

I know a myriad of social causes are contributing to this but I can't help but think that there's something about the High Road that's encouraging extreme antisocial behaviour and crowds of people who are not locals. 


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