Recently published list shows how much our local councillors get paid.

Noel Park councillors are

Peray Ahmet

Emin Ibrahim

Khaled Moyeed

Link here: How much do your councillors get paid?

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How ironic that the one who seems to be most absent from the ward gets the most? Her other special duties are more important?

I found the document at this link from Harringay OnLine:

Is Peray Ahmet still in office, by the way? Somehow I thought she resigned or something.

Peray is still in office and my experience has been that she's our only councillor who is visible in our community. I don't know what the others are doing. I'd be interested to hear what experience other residents have had interacting with our other councillors. 

I agree, Peray Ahmet is the most visible Noel Park councillor, by far. 

Something to think about is if the residents of Noel Park should be nominating and advancing their preferred candidates to advance our objectives. ie clean streets, low crime and youth services? Thanks for sharing.
I say this as none of the councillors representing Noel Park live in Noel Park.

Correct me if i’m Wrong, but I don’t think candidates get a choice where they serve. The party assigns people to the areas they have to campaign and serve, if they win. 

Understood they are Elected a Ward Councillors. Where they get Votes

Yes which committees they Serve on is decided by them

Interesting to see travel Expenses was really high for some Councillors.                                                      Is the council paying from Home or where they are listed as being employed ?

As Councillors Peray  Ahmet is listed as a Branch Secretary of Unison in Merton 

That's interesting


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