I was searching for information for something I'm writing and I came across the bomb map of Noel Park and a personal story of a resident who was 14 at the time and living in Bury Road>

Thought it might be of interest:


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Thanks for this Rachella, I have often thought of what life would have been like in Noel Park during the war. People were made of something totally different in those days, amazing resilience. "There was aloud bang, then nothing, so I went back to sleep" wow! Makes todays issues seem insignificant. Total respect to that generation.

I know! We're soft in comparison! The story starts with the fact that they were in Noel Park because their previous house was bombed and her father was killed.

I found another story from a Noel Park resident - a pupil at Noel Park School

The People's War - Doreen Steff

Thanks for that.  Its provoked me to look up my history dissertation for the first time since I submitted it in 2010...

"The representation, experience and management of death in newspapers in Britain during the Second World War"

One of the papers I chose to use for research was the 'Wood Green Observer'., and I'm afraid I became quite attached to my sources!  It certainly was an incredible time, and Wood Green so very different to now, certainly a much tighter community.  

Thank you! I'm going to look up the Wood Green observer. And, BTW, your topic sounds v. interesting.

Here's a photo I found in the Haringey archives of Vincent Road in 1945


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