Does anyone have original coving and/or original fireplace? My ex-council house had all original features ripped out & I'd like to restore as much as possible. If you have them could you send a picture please? Would be much appreciated. Thanks, Claire

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Hi Laura thanks that would be great if you could send me some pictures

We've got original molding in some rooms - also original doors in some rooms, and original banisters and stair railings. The stair railings and doors were hidden behind hardboard so it's worth having a look at any smooth surfaces to see what's hidden behind. We also found original floorboard under some dodgy laminate.

Thanks Rachella, ripping up dodgy laminate is definitely on my to-do list! I'd love to see what the original molding looks like if its possible to send me a picture?
Thanks for taking the time to send the pictures Laura - hopefully I can get my place looking a bit more Victorian again over the next few months!
Houses on every street has its own unique features so it would be good to get your neighbour(s) to let you have a look if their house is lucky enough to be untouched, eg. Hewitt Ave's got distinct mouldings in the columns not seen in other streets but many seem to have the same style of banister handrail. Moselle's got lovely cottage style layout in the living room which we don't.
Good luck and enjoy your home!

Hi Claire, Here are mine!

Main Bedroom, 2nd bedroom and living room on Russell Ave.

I think the original coving was just a plain curve. The smoke hood on the main bedroom and living room fire places are not original, nor is the fire grate, but the rest is. Great to hear that you're restoring original features. I need to find a new surround for my dinning room fireplace. Anyone on Russell Ave have a picture of one? 

Hi Mark thanks for your reply.. I can't see any pictures though? Should they have been attached?

Sorry Claire. Here they are.

There are two lovely fireplaces just been taken out of next door. 124 Maurice avenue. No one lives there at moment, council are refurbing after neighbours moved out. They are just in front garden. Seriously, if they are wanted, some one should grab them before the scrappies have them.

Thanks for posting this. Why is Homes for Harringey allowed to deface these properties in this way? I just don't understand it.


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