Does anyone have original coving and/or original fireplace? My ex-council house had all original features ripped out & I'd like to restore as much as possible. If you have them could you send a picture please? Would be much appreciated. Thanks, Claire

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Nope - Article 4 conservation guidelines protect the outside only and the council doesn't even do a good job of that.

It just beggars belief that the council - through Homes for Haringey is allowing, or perhaps condoning this.

I wonder if as part of the appraisal, a meeting could be had with HFH to discuss what their contractors / staff are doing and if they do decide to strip it out, whether this could be communicated to the community at large to see if anyone would wish to acquire the discarded fireplaces for improvements to their own homes?

We think they probably see it as a hazard if people don't know how to use fires properly. And of course they would have to pay to get them swept. Such a shame. Sadly the scrappies took these earlier.

I am sickened. Le sigh.

Oh no! I've only just seen this message. Gutted! I would have definitely taken them for my house :(

Sorry Claire, I feel bad that we didn't take them in ourselves to save for someone who actually wants to make good use of them. But, our reasoning was that they were on private property and we didn't want to take that risk on behalf of someone else, if you see what I mean (the contractors had left by the time we saw the fireplaces so we couldn't check with them). But then, I don't how the scrap men get away with taking stuff away from people's houses. If it's on the pavement, fine. If it's not, then they should at least knock on the door to find out if they can have it. Which they didn't do in the case of the fireplaces and not when they took stuff from our front garden a few years ago (stuff we had wanted to get rid of in our own time but in no way had we invited anyone to take it without asking!). It just irks me.

Lucy - a few pictures on this thread


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