Was brought up at last Nights Noel Park Resident meeting

That locals was having issues with Dogs attacking theirs and them          In Local Parks.

Check out    https://www.gov.uk/control-dog-public

Covers the issue.

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What is the issue? Has someone been attacked by a dog? 

At Monday nights meeting, several they and the Dogs have been attacked

Reported to the Police who is aware of Dog and Owner.                                                                                     But they do not  interested in solving the problems                                                                                                  Was asking what was anyone aware what could be done.

Was Not sure if Haringey still had a Dog Warden. Since been advised they use a Contractor

As a Retired Borough Enforcement Officer was well aware of issues

Reason I look up Government regulations

And made a Post. As reported this Dog and owner are a General pain 

Where is this happening? It this a parks issue, or H4H, or maybe police? When people say they’ve been attacked, specifically, what does that mean? Are people using their dogs to intimidate people or is it just dogs being dogs? 

This discussion needs contextualisation.

My understanding they was attacked in Park - Russel . Two people stated its one Dog.                   Dog and owner are known to Police

It has been reported to Police, but issue was not being sorted

And both parties was asking for advice

Sorry names was not given.

Laurie, will have names on sign in sheet. New people to meeting


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