Sad day for me as Marks & Spencer closed down today. I've been going there since I was a baby in a pram, so getting on for 60 years! As far as I can recall, M&S were the only retailer to still be in their original premises in the High Road through all those years-- as well as the 3 banks (HSBC/Midland, Barclays and Nat West) and, strangely, Minton's the Chemists! Even BHS has moved in my lifetime, and Boots and Sainsbury's have moved twice....Halfords have closed down and re-opened twice, and are now almost back in their original location..!

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Yes it was a very sad day. I paid my 'farewell'  visit on Friday, and got talking to the woman ahead of me in the check-out queue. She told me she'd been going to the Wood Green store for 40 years.

For those people, like myself, missing Marks & Spencer, please support the few other places in the neighbourhood that have quality food. Paula's Deli, on Lordship Lane desperately needs customers. If everyone on Noel Park net shopped there once a month, I'm sure she'd have enough business to stay around. If she can make a success of this area, it makes sense that others would follow. 

Wouldn't it be great if all those dead shop fronts on Salisbury were turned back into shops filled with things we'd want to buy, instead of being whatever they are now that is not open to the public.

We also feel quite bereft at the loss of our lovely M&S.  I will particularly miss using the slightly secret-feeling door onto Bury Road.  And what amazing staff they had, cheerful, friendly, helpful and professional all the way to the end.  A hole in the heart of the High Road.

It's well documented that Wood Green High Road is a regular shopping destination for hundreds if not thousands of 'non-locals', so it came as no surprise to me to see lots of shoppers looking bemused and disappointed this week to see the place all closed up.  It could have a serious impact on these shoppers' being likely to pay future visits to Wood Green.  Not good news for our local economy.

I'd like to join Rachella in encouraging you to visit Paula's Deli.  Fresh cakes, coffee, Tottenham cheeses, Camden beers and always, always service with a smile.

Another very positive retail experience I had lately was my first visit to the recently opened Color Cafe on Lymington Ave.  The lady who served me was just so welcoming, and the food was excellent and good value for money too.  It will be the first visit of many...

So the old Marks and Spencer shop was open again today, and guess what it is?!

Some sort of pound shop for clothes and tacky furniture. It's branded as a 'Factory Outlet'. It looks pretty temporary, but used most of the space. A lot of the other shops on the high road look temporary too though but they've been there ages.

I know, this new shop can easily win the most tackiest shop in wood green.  I can't believe Haringey Council has given permission to be honest (although once again nothing surprises me anymore).  the bad news is that it was full of shoppers and looked very crowded inside, so more people go in, the more money they make means the longer they will stay.  Shame really! we don't seem to have any decent shops to go to in Wood green.  :-(

Oh no - that is SO depressing. I am still missing M&S a lot and now rarely come to Wood Green since it closed. Surely this new shop is a temporary measure??

I sincerely hope that it's temporary!

It's too bad everyone complaining about a failing business moving out of the area didn't make the effort to ensure that what moved in next was halfway decent. Sadly, too much energy and effort was put into petitioning M&S to stay--too little, too late. It was inevitable that this was going to move in. Hopefully it's just temporary.

I've lobbied local councillors and regeneration officers plus joined the fledgling Wood Green traders association, but still don't have a clue how residents could insure that any shop on the high road is halfway decent. It seems to be an impossibility.

From what I understand after talking to the mandarins who work for the local council as well as our local councillors, if a business stays within the same zoning/licensing category there's not much anyone can do. In other words  Zara / Poundland /Gucci are all the same in licensing applications. It just gets rubber stamped.

Was very strange and a rather depressing sign of the times to see the architectural remnants of M&S not fitting in with its new use. 

some of the stock looks the same as that temporary furniture shop that pops up upstairs in shopping city from time to time. 

all chrome and leather, like a cr*p nightclub.

Oh no - dire.


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