Sad day for me as Marks & Spencer closed down today. I've been going there since I was a baby in a pram, so getting on for 60 years! As far as I can recall, M&S were the only retailer to still be in their original premises in the High Road through all those years-- as well as the 3 banks (HSBC/Midland, Barclays and Nat West) and, strangely, Minton's the Chemists! Even BHS has moved in my lifetime, and Boots and Sainsbury's have moved twice....Halfords have closed down and re-opened twice, and are now almost back in their original location..!

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Finally went to Wood Green yesterday to go to the Big Green Bookshop (which I've not been to since M&S closed down). Saw the old M&S and noticed the To Let sign. So the horrible furniture/tat emporium is temporary. But as others have pointed out on this thread, lots of shops on the high street look temporary and seem to go on for years.

I wonder what has happened to the lovely original M&S clock sign outside the store?

That disappeared quite quickly after the store was closed down. Lots of photos online and a good one of the clock can be seen here

I can't help but feel a small bit of schadenfreude towards the people who said they didn't care if M&S closed but are now bemoaning the crap store that replaced it.

The new shop seems to be busier than Marks & Spencers ever was in its last ten years of trading on the high road. I guess the people got what they wanted (or deserved). 

Market forces and all that. All pretty sad really. 

Still absolutely gutted that M&S has gone. As a result I haven't been shopping in Wood Green for an age. But the Big Green Bookshop is calling me back so I plan to go this morning - finally.


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