Hi there. 

I'm a new member to this network. I live over on Morrison Avenue, N17, which is between Philip Lane and Bruce Grove so not exactly in the Noel Park area but I'm hoping that perhaps some members on here might be able to help me. 

I'm organising a street party on my road in the Summer and I would like to have a stall on the street with some historical photos and stories from Tottenham and the surrounding area. If anyone thinks they can help me, then please do get in touch. I have been in touch with Hornsey Historical Society and they have been really helpful and I hope to speak to the Archivist at Bruce Castle too but if anyone on here can help, please do let me know. 

All the best and thanks for your time. 


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Hello: What kind of help are you looking for? Have you seen the recent history threads Here

In the meantime, have you seen the recent history threads Here London History Day

and here 

Interesting piece of WW2 history about Noel Park

Hi Rachella. 

Thanks for these - I did indeed have a look at these.... I know that this is Noel Park net but was more looking of photos and information about Lordship Rec and East of that i.e. more towards where I am between Lordship Lane and Phillip Lane. If you know of anywhere, do let me know 

Thanks for the reply thought Rachella. 



This site has some good local history and photos, and is about an area closer to you.:




That's excellent - thanks Jeremy. I will get in touch with them indeed! Many thanks


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