Hello all

Anyone interested in setting up a pet sitting/care circle? We have two new kitties and will be going away later in the summer, so need to start making plans for their care whilst we are away. Want to avoid taking them to a cattery. 

These are our boys, Noel and Bruce, brothers. Lovely, Always close together, cuddling.

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Great idea! Sign me up. BTW, your kittens are very cute. I've got three badly-bevaved full-grown cats: Scratchy, Squeaky Fromme and Tabs Hunter

Here they are:

Ohhhh Rachella, just saw this now (too much paddy power!) how lovely they are, looking very relaxed and comfy!

I'd be happy to feed them and socialise with them if you go away.

PS Soo glad I found the missing kittens earlier.. goodness knows where they were hiding.. 

Brilliant idea, I'd be interested too. One five year old cat - likes people, less keen on cats. 

Great, you're on the list. Miaow.

Excellent idea, sign me up as well. I love cats, so very happy to cat sit for anyone that needs it.

Here we have Kima (classic naughty tortie) and Nero (a bit more aloof). It's either a total love-in, as below, or hysterical play fighting. 

How lovely - you're on the list, Scarlett. Kima and Nero look very happy together! 

I'll add you all as Friends as I think I have to do that before messages can be sent amongst ourselves - so please accept my friend requests and we can swap messages and emails if and when we need to swap cat duties.

Purr purr 


Brill - thanks Heidi. 

Oh - and here's a picture of my cat - 


Edel, That's a lovely cat and a lovely photo! 


Hi there,

Happy to feed people's cats when they are away and am sure our little tinker will need a friend every now and then too!  He's lovely. This is Grammy criticising my vinyl arrangement.


Hi Nessan, That's a very impressive vinyl collection Grammy is inspecting! Good to have you onboard. I'll add you as a friend (see above). H 

Couldn't resist sending this.. cartoon time this morning. 


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