Hello all

Anyone interested in setting up a pet sitting/care circle? We have two new kitties and will be going away later in the summer, so need to start making plans for their care whilst we are away. Want to avoid taking them to a cattery. 

These are our boys, Noel and Bruce, brothers. Lovely, Always close together, cuddling.

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Hi Michelle, Lovely cats!! Welcome to the cat circle. Ha ha I like the 'order of importance'..!

See message about meeting Mon eve 21st. Hope you can make it. 


Dear all

How about meeting Mon eve 21st July? It seems only day next week I can do now (poss also Thu 24/7) and some of you are free then. Let me know who is around 21st & we'll meet up, decide place etc.

We can always meet again at a later date for anyone who can't make 21st. 

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Sounds good, I'm okay for that date at the moment. 

Unfortunately I have a friend coming over that night but hopefully will get to meet you all in the near future. X

21st is good for me.

Ok, great - let's meet Mon eve 21st, Edel, Laura and Steph. Looking at your street locations, how about Westbury Pub*, 7pm? I think it's quiet enough that time of night and as it's been mentioned here a few times we can check out the current situation there whilst we talk cats (I assume it's open, I know they plan refurbishments, I'll check and if any issues let you know). Does that sound ok for all? Looking forward to it.

Anyone else feel free to join us! 

*Westbury, 7 Westbury Ave, London N22 6SA

Hi hope to see some of you later. I'll sit somewhere to far left of bar in the sofa area, assuming it's still there. I'll bring a small sign 'Noel Park net' so we find each other.

I'm working late (again) otherwise I'd join you, too.

Great, Laura, see you soon, leaving now, and Rachella if you can come a bit later, please join us. 


HI Laura and Phil,

I've sent you a friend request, can't send messages to you until we're friends. Will send my mobile number once you are in my friends network.

See 'ya.


Laura, Phil, Steph, Edel: Really lovely meeting all you cat people this evening at the Westbury – great to share some cat stories but also really good to meet socially and put a face to a name and share some common ground! I’ll send you messages for any individual matters and my mobile number, do the same, and keep in touch and let’s meet every now and again as a social thing, we all have a lot in common, and I'm sure the circle will grow..! 



PS Noel and Bruce were very happy to see me when I came home. They sat near the door, very orderly... waiting ……for food ;-) 


hi all,

was good to meet up tonight, look forward to doing so again some time.



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