My wife and I lived down the road near Turnpike Lane station for the last five years and really enjoyed it. We had lovely neighbors, and never had a problem. So, when we were forced to move we decided to try to stay near the area. We found a lovely house on Moselle Ave. and moved in in October. I have to admit though, since we moved in I haven't exactly loved it. There's a lot of fly tipping near our house, I've been hounded by gypsies around the laundromat, there always seems to be something going down on Vincent Road, shady people sitting in cars in front of our house for hours at night, and we came back after Christmas to find we had been burgled!

I'm trying to stay positive, and it would really help to meet a few friendly faces around here. Anyone fancy a coffee or something?

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Sorry to hear about your burglary. That's really rotten! We hope you'll find that everyone's quite neighbourly on Noel Park net, we've certainly had a few activities come out of it, for example, out cat sitting circle - not to mention more organised events, such as Big Local.

Now that the holidays have passed, we're planning a Noel Park net get together in February -- just working out a few of the details before we announce it. 

Thank you.  It certainly wasn't a very nice homecoming.

That all sounds lovely though.  

I'm happy to do some cat sitting if people need it.  I've had cats my whole life and really like them, but we rent and can't have pets.  :(

Do keep me posted about the get together.  We'd love to come.

Hi Adam, Sorry to hear of your experiences.  I'm up for a coffee.  Not sure how to DM here so will send a friend request.


Thanks, Francois, that'd be great.  What are your hours like?  I work remotely, so I'm very flexible.

I have no fixed hours and am only away from Noel Park if I need to visit a client (on average once or twice a week). Other that, I have Monday and Thursday afternoons and Tuesday evenings blocked. Feel free to contact me via the "ring me" option on my website (

Hi Adam, very sorry to hear about your experience, and of course particularly the burglary! I live in Moselle Avenue and have been here a very long time. I’m working away from London during the week but if you and your wife are around at weekends, I’m up for s coffee and a chat.

Noel Park is not as bad as it might seem - I’m sorry you had the burglary, it is quite rare and I really think the way forward is to connect to neighbours and get trustworthy local people to look over your place if you go away.

I set up the Noel Park cat circle and we mind each other’s cats when away on holiday etc, at the same time we know our homes are safe, as someone is looking in on the cats. The same thing can happen between neighbours anywhere in NP - there are many kindhearted people here, I assure you.

Let’s meet up, if not before, then at the Noel Park net social in February!!
Very best wishes

Thanks, Heidi, that would be lovely.  We're on Moselle near Salisbury Rd.  We work on Saturday's but are always around on Sunday's for a coffee.

Keep me posted on the cat circle too.  We can't have pets as we're renting, but I've had cats my whole life and really miss having one around.  I'd certainly be happy to look in for someone.

Hope to see you soon.



I'm really sorry to hear that Adam. Fly tipping is everyday grim, but a burglary is really unsettling. The Noel Park Net team are good at organising local events, and so are the Friends of Chapman's Green, who are trying to offset the littering/ fly tipping/ antisocial behaviour issues that you've encountered. 

Welcome to Noel Park. 

Thanks, Edel!  Hope to see at the meetup in February.

Might go and see the councillor on Saturday morning to raise these concerns about anti social behavour,fly tipping and litter. I was thinking it would be great if a few of us would go down to the library every Saturday to talk to the Councillors to make sure they understand the frustration. Would any body be interested in meeting up to discuss this? Thanks

Unfortunately I work on Saturdays, so I'm not sure I'd be able to go to the library until April.  However, I'm always happy to meet up and chat about it.

I would on the odd day I'm off work. I talked to the folks doing the Noel Park photo project this weekend and they're interested in re-booting the conservation project - including flytipping and satellite dishes.


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