My wife and I lived down the road near Turnpike Lane station for the last five years and really enjoyed it. We had lovely neighbors, and never had a problem. So, when we were forced to move we decided to try to stay near the area. We found a lovely house on Moselle Ave. and moved in in October. I have to admit though, since we moved in I haven't exactly loved it. There's a lot of fly tipping near our house, I've been hounded by gypsies around the laundromat, there always seems to be something going down on Vincent Road, shady people sitting in cars in front of our house for hours at night, and we came back after Christmas to find we had been burgled!

I'm trying to stay positive, and it would really help to meet a few friendly faces around here. Anyone fancy a coffee or something?

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Hi Adam. I used to live on Moselle and I know it can feel a bit edgy at times. People are pretty good at posting local events to go to to meet people. Karamel has stuff on all the time and I'm at the Palm House on Wolves Lane most Tuesdays to volunteer. It's a nice way to meet like minded people.

If you can start a seperate disscusion on this we can promote it and gather resident together who would be interested in participating.

f you can start a separate discussion on meetups with local councillors we can promote it and gather residents together who would be interested in participating.


Noel Park is a stunning area sadly overshadowed by anti-social behaviour but, I think, together we can all work to overcome this. There are enough of us who feel the same about the crime and fly-tipping to band together and take action.

I definitely think working together and approaching councillors together is a wise idea.

I will start a thread on this as requested.


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