Can anyone offer a temporary room to share for two girls (my ex student and her friend - I will be their referee) 1/2/18-1/3/18 They are moving to London and need somewhere to stay before they move in to a flat in March. This is a great opp for someone who do not want long term lodgers but can do with a bit of extra extra cash. Please do not expect them to pay high end rates - they will pay fairly of course but don’t take the mickey. It’s about helping people out too and they are interior architects.. Let me know and I’ll put you in touch 
Much appreciated 

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We've taken the liberty of moving this to our "housing wanted/ Housing available" section, thinking that it may get more visibility there.

I have a double room vacant since my daughter married and moved to America. I have never had a lodger other than family stay for few months so you would have to enlighten me on what is 'fair' and 'help out'  rent?

I could put an extra single bed in the room if they wanted separate beds. At the moment there is only a drop down bed settee in there. 

Unfortunately I have just had my car stolen  from the street with all my personal effects in it including phone in an overnight bag so they would have to email me to discuss until  I am reinstated with a new mobile

Kind Regards

Chrystine Payjack

Sorry to hear that your car was stolen!

Sadly my car was the car used in the recent  stabbing murder of the 20 year old,  in Tottenham. on Saturday past. The car was a right off as it was also in a collision as well as being used for the stabbing .

Had they had CTV cameras in the area the met police  would have been interested in my theft, but they closed the case in less than 24 hours with no interest at all and I had so much information to tell them.

There is BIG interest. now including finger printing and swabbing me for forensics. I I gave them so much information at the time and they just closed the case.

Now they are running around like luncatics with big investigations far more serious,.

I think it is time we campaigned for more CTV cameras in our problem areas. If our foot police are swept of their feet- if there is no money  for staff surely cameras has  got to be cheaper than salaries and pensions of police and if police will not do anything without CTV where are we heading with services and protection from crime on our streets?  Earlier detection of . lesser crimes need not lead to bigger crimes. 

Because there may be layers of criminality here-- car thieves sell to more sinister gangs who need a 'neutral ' car unknown to the victim and police while they carry out their crimes.

I am in total shock thinking that my personal belongings and life is attached to that young man's loss of life.

Even more so that earlier detention of my car thief (ves) may have averted his death a little longer.

Heidi , your girls are delightful, but in their short stay with me they feel like they have been dropped into a crime  movie. Bless. them.


That's awful! Who knows if it could have been prevented - i.e. if the car thief was the murderer. It does seem to point to the conclusion that smaller crimes often lead to bigger crimes.

Now, if only we could get to the root cause, society would be better off all around.

Hello Chrystine, First of all, sorry to hear about your car, hope you get your things back. I will send you an email and out the girls in touch with you. Thanks for the response to this. Heidi

Oh ok, great thanks! 

Thanks very much Chrystine. I've sent you an email. H
A room has now been found - big thanks to all who assisted with this :-)


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