Missed Rubbish and recycling collections October 2015

Dear Noel Parkers

We agreed at a meeting last month (thank you Mei for organising)  to try to log our missing collections in Noel Park. So here is my lack of collection listed.

October 2015.

Friday 9th - rubbish bin emptied, garden and recycling left behind.

Friday 16th - men walked past my house while I watched. I called them back. Man said he didn't see my house.

Friday 23rd - ignored all bins, got annoyed when I called them back, said there wasn't enough in bins.

Friday 30th - recycling left out



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6th - recycling and rubbish not collected

20th - recycling not collected

27th - only garden waste collected

UPDATE 11 December

Found a Veolia man rummaging in my recycling bin (which was missed out again today).

When I asked what he was doing, he said that my house and the neighbour were on a monitoring list because of missed collections that we had reported. He got a recycling bag and manually emptied my bin. He said that the collection men are not supposed to skip bins even if they think they are not full enough; 'its not up to them to decide' he said. Nice man.

So, the moral of the story is log missed collections on here and tell Veolia directly too. The email I use is enquiries.haringey@veolia.com

Let's get Noel Park cleaned up!

I actually had to log couple of missed collections intwo weeks. First was just after Xmas, the recycling men turned up but only emptied one side of my street. I reported it to veolia and they gave a me ref number saying a collection will take place in one working day but nothing happened. By then my recycling bin was full to its limit and I had to resort to Keeping two bags of recycling inside my house. The second was last week, Which made me fuming to be honest. I heard the bin men so I woke up and when I looked out the window I saw the bin man come outside my house pushed the gate open and when it didn't open he quickly left and moved to take the next door neighbours. I went down and opened the door and called him. I could tell he had no intention of talking to me so I had to call him a few times.i asked him why he left my rubbish, he said because he couldn't open my gate. I showed him how it's opened which is very simple. There is no padlock or anything. He then had to cheek to say to me that I should leave my bin outside the gate. The cheek! I obviously gave him a piece of Mind and asked him to show me one bin that was left outside . I asked him once again why I should leave it outside on the pavement when my bin is in my front garden, like everybody else's. Yes it was very early in the mornin and it was raining and he probably wanted to finish his shift and go home but no excuse for that kind of behaviour. . the cheek of the man! I reported this to veolia and made a complaints which they said they are investigating at the moment. I have also noticed that couple of times they put someone else's bin in my front yard and took mine to someone else's even though my door number is written on the bins. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

Hi Oz

Keep up the complaints when things do happen, they will then start to watch your collection and make sure its done!!

Have you had any problems of late? Mine just started. I've got new neighbours who are using my recycling for rubbish.

Hi Eddie

Since we complained, we got put on a watch list where a Veolia boss comes and checks we had a collection. For each missed one, he manually got a sack and cleared out our bins :-)

So worth complaining to them each time


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