I  am looking after my sisters dog this week and have to take him for a walk twice a day.  Obviously he creates some "smelly rubbish" that I need to put in a bin, but I am noticing the distinct lack of public bins in Noel Park

I would hate to put my dogs poo in someones private bin on my way past.  When I did find a public bin (by the Primary School) it was full. 

The only other bins are the one near the shops on Vincent Road and one on Salisbury near the shops. Both are always full to bursting.

It wouldn't hurt to have a couple more bins around, then maybe people would be less inclined to litter.

Has anyone else noticed this?  What do you think?

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I've actually been requesting that the council remove the bin in front of the school because it's a magnet for people who put their smelly kitchen rubbish in it, attracting flies which fly straight into the playground. That can't be healthy for the children playing in the playground and passing by it on the way to school.

Every Friday I phone in a request for Veolia to empty the bin. It's emptied on Saturday and by Sunday it's overflowing again. As I'm at the school early every Sunday before people are walking about, I frequently catch people flytipping there. The last person I saw drove up in a car unloaded three large bin bags.

I happened to be standing at the school gate when she did it so I walked over to her and said "You know there's an £80 fine for flytipping."

Her response: "Mind your own business. Everybody does. it" She jumped back in her car and drove away before I could respond that the result of her nasty behaviour was, indeed, my business.

I'm delighted to see that someone else is doing these things. I've noticed that on days I don't pick up the various rubbish that accumulates on the pavement in front of my house, the rubbish piles up faster. Rubbish certainly seems to begat more rubbish.

I think there's a few things that could stop it: 

go back to weekly rubbish collection w/smaller bins or put a communal collection scheme in place, like Brighton and Queens Park (our sister estate) does

dilligent enforcement from the council/ veolia for flytipping, poor recycling & rubbish in front gardens

harsh penalties for those who drive into our community and dumb their large rubbish/ mattresses/ fridges, etc...

One of the reasons why public bins are unpopular is because tenants from over-tenanted properties dump their additional rubbish in them. These houses are easy to spot. Why would small 3 bed ones in Noel Park ever need more than one black and on green wheelie bin? It's not sanitary and the conditions in them force tenants to dump elsewhere hence the removal of many public bins in the area. Residents should report houses that are over crowded, especially ones next door which they know have been illegally split up.

Totally our business! She is dumping on our home. What would London be like if everyone had her vile attitude?

Well done!

Good to know that there are some locals who know what a bin is for. And well done for trying to educate others. Without a doubt Noel Park is the dirtiest place I have ever lived.  I also once witnessed a litter lout who I challenged. Where is the sense of pride, respect and good manners? It is vile that people do this type of thing. So much of my free time is spent reporting litter/fly tipping to the council.

Most of the litter bins I see are often overflowing with extra rubbish fly tipped beside them. So I am not feeling too confident if more bins would help with this antisocial behaviour. I can't help thinking that skips instead of bins would be a better option to cope with the litter/bulky waste demand! 

What we must have is prosecution of offenders. I feel litter wardens must start targeting key areas. Councils are good at making money out of traffic offences, so its now time to make money out of those who have no respect for Noel Park. 

What would be your key area? For me it's;

Cul-de-sac off Russell Avenue leading to west entrance of Russell Park.

Litter bins overflowing and with fly tips on commercial end of Lymington Ave.

Rapid overloading of large capacity house bins. Not helped by lack of required contents sorting and suspected house illegal overcrowding. 

Litter in Russell Park. Especially during school holidays and warm weather.

Food being put out for animals attracting vermin.

Foxes able to get easy access to house food waste and spread it over a large area. Again food waste that is not being appropriately placed into the locking recycle container.

I have seen litter wardens inspect fly tips outside tube stations. Time for a more legal response I think. 

some years ago the council would pop a leaflet through your letter box letting you know they'd be coming round to do a bulky collection, all you had to do was put your 'stuff' out, and it would be taken away, I think it was a yearly thing, now you have to go online and book it, which a lot of people don't know about, Still didn't make much difference fly tipping specially cul-du-sac russell park always been bad, they come about once every 2 weeks to clear it. there must be a more efficient way to use their resources, 

2 week rubbish collection not great either, I let my neighbour use my bin, Its not an illegal get up its council. 

It really makes me wonder how many people are in these houses whether council or not? Are they illegally subletting? It does happen.

We have a 2 person household and with recycling struggle to fill our black bin fortnightly. Our recycling bin's always just over half full every week. If we double the occupants in our house then our black bin would be 1/2 to 2/3 full fortnightly and we recycle as much as we can. Rough rule of thumb therefore is a filled up black bin fortnightly would indicate a house of at least 6 adults and we can see from some houses, those bins don't even last that long.

I'm particularly suspicious of properties with two or more black bins which is therefore a bit of a giveaway, I suspect. Also, homes that have more than two gas boxes outside are a dead giveaway it's been split.

No Mei they are not illegally sub letting, Its not really my business to discuss my neighbours personal circumstances on here so i wont go into details, except to say they are fantastic neighbours and have helped me out on many occasions.

I'm glad your neighbours are nice and please don't misunderstand me, I'm not suggesting anyone 'snoop' on their neighbours. Any overcrowding generates a lot of rubbish and if they were responsible that's fine but I've witnessed people in clearly overcrowded houses walking out with bags and casually tipping it on the roadside. Their bins were already full after being emptied just a few days before. Overcrowding is a difficult one, I appreciate, space standards is an issue even with council properties and rented properties are often worse, there is no amenity space such as a livign room, something many take for granted. It leads to poor living conditions and can lead to mental health problems.

It's a problem and one of the various factors to the trash problem.

Hi, this is something I mentioned and complaint to the haringey council so many times since I moved to the area last year. As well as the lack of bins, I also complaint that there were no recycling bins in the area. We don't just need bins but recycling bins too for people to use. Council has done nothing so far. I also complaint about the state of pavements especially at gladstone avenue, lack of good street lighting, street cameras to name a few. Im sure haringey council deletes my complaint every time they receive it. They have done nothing yo address any of my complaints so far. I counted 8 betting shops on the high road and complaint to the haringey council and once again no response. What can I say? We have to keep trying I guess
I think we should be careful what we wish for here. More bins will almost certainly result in more rubbish around the bin as opposed to in it and more fly tipping next to the bin. Not sure that would be a good thing

we have to do something. I'm fed up of picking rubbish outside front of my house on a daily basis.  I sweep the rubbish away and put it in my bin which isn't fair. Why should I pick someone else's rubbish but i cant just leave it outside my house?.  it really does wind me up when  people just chuck crisp packets and beet bottles and take away bags to name a few.  we need a permanent solution to this.  I 'm still in favour of more bins.


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