I  am looking after my sisters dog this week and have to take him for a walk twice a day.  Obviously he creates some "smelly rubbish" that I need to put in a bin, but I am noticing the distinct lack of public bins in Noel Park

I would hate to put my dogs poo in someones private bin on my way past.  When I did find a public bin (by the Primary School) it was full. 

The only other bins are the one near the shops on Vincent Road and one on Salisbury near the shops. Both are always full to bursting.

It wouldn't hurt to have a couple more bins around, then maybe people would be less inclined to litter.

Has anyone else noticed this?  What do you think?

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Where are.......my dragons?

Meeting's 24 June in the evening. I can't make it but Rachella's going so wld be good to coordinate. I know the aim is to ascertain if possible causes and what solutions can be found. How can residents work with council to resolve this.

Hi, apologies if I've missed it and it's been posted already but what's the time/place for the meeting on the 24th? 


Rachella, am I right in saying it's 7pm at the Toll Gate pub on Turnpike Lane?

Thanks - I should be able to make that. 

It's Tues 24th June, 8pm at the Toll Gate Pub @ Turnpike Lane

I'm off work this week so if nothing pops up in by diary I will come just to show strengh in numbers, If you need anything doing like printing anything, let me know am a lady off leisure for a couple of days

I'll be there. This is fantastic news
Hi. We have just moved in and are dismayed at the fly tipping. Maybe a on mass compliant would help ???

Hi All -

Tonight's meeting is postponed. I'll let you know when I hear about the next one. We're also going to try to get the "villag manager" to come too.

thanks for the notice Rachelle,

maybe we should start a new post for ideas on strategies.....?

Good idea! 


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