I took an evening stroll around Noel Park tonight. I'm so depressed by the state of the place.

There is rubbish everywhere, the streets are strewn with it. It seems to disproportionately consist of wet wipes and beer cans, but I also saw dirty nappies, two pairs of dirty underwear, clothes, chairs, boxes, household waste, commercial waste. It's absolutely disgusting. Even where there are actual bins, they are overflowing.

Then walking by Shropshire Hall there was a big fight. I couldn't tell who was fighting and why, but it seemed to be at least 3 vs 3 and very nasty.

By the corner of Lymington Avenue and Pelham Road there was the usual set of youths smoking weed with one pissing up against the wall. They stole a moped on Friday night, I wonder what later tonight will bring..

What a cesspit we live in. Perhaps it is time everyone just admits that Noel Park is a dump. Me and my wife moved here under the mistaken impression it was a nice-enough area. Now I can't wait to get out. I'm so thoroughly depressed by the whole thing and I don't see any sign that things are likely to improve.

My wife and I are sick of reporting things; to the police, to Veola, to the Council. There needs to be a more proactive approach to how the area is managed and maintained. The current over-reliance on residents taking responsibility for the area clearly isn't effective - there seems to be too few people around who care.

Is there any hope? Does anyone feel there is? Even after the news that Haringey is the worst in the country for fly-tipping, there seems to be no difference. Perhaps a dirty protest where everyone empties their rubbish in to the middle of the street might draw attention to the issue? Get it some further press? Shame the relevant authorities in to action? Probably not. Anyway, I doubt there is any way to mobilize enough people in the area to action. Apathy and low-standards means Noel Park is doomed to further decline in to a Dickensian rat-infested, crime-ridden slum. Perhaps it already is one. 

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Mei can you post info again about the meeting 1 Nov 12:00 Westbury - perhaps a new discussion so it's visible to all - I didn't see this until read your reply to Decky's message just now. Please also invite Peray. Not sure who is organising but I've missed that thread somehow so suspect others may have too. Thanks H


I was hoping to bring residents together first to form a campaign before involving the councillors. I appreciate there's considerable value in the councillors' involvement but there are a lot of strands of ideas that are forming and it would be good for us to get discuss first to decide what's the best way forward before involving them.

Your suggestion to meet was a good one and given no one has suggested a date, I've put one forward which I hope as many residents as possible will be able to attend.


Hi Mei

Is this meet up still going ahead tomorrow? Can there be a label on the table to make it really obvious its you! I dont want to join the wrong group!!


Yep, it still is and I'll get a table reserved. See you there.

Thanks Decky,

I honestly feel that Noel Parks current issues are a temporary one. Mainly because of the fact that London is a booming city, providing opportunity for its population. What we are experiencing is out of place here and can no longer be tolerated by a civilised society. 

yeah I'm with you on this one. Perhaps I'm feeling more positive about things. I took a stroll around on Sunday and things seemed much better.

I'm glad you do. There's always a silver lining and can you imagine what this place could be like if everyone made an effort to pitch in?

Hope to see you Sun 1 Nov or at the neighbourhood watch meeting 11 Nov

Is it true that the fine for shops dumping rubbish in public places is only £75? (and no public shame, since the council refused to name them)


Unless the newspaper forgot some zeros, that's close to nothing for a business.

This is how a similar problem is being managed by Newcastle City Council and the local free press. I am from Newcastle brought up in a part of the city that is always clean and well looked after. Sadly it now seems that this is no longer the case for other parts of the city. But it has caused an outcry on a level that we need to see in Noel Park.


The same newspaper also does name and shaming coverage of fare evaders on the Tyne and Wear Metro as well as irresponsible dog owners. 

This is exactly how a council should be, dealing with those who infringe the rules with penalties that hurt and naming and shaming.

We have some good ideas and with enough pressure along with other residents groups could put some pressure on the Council to deal with the problem adequately.

It's a pity you couldn't come to the Russell Park Clean up. Two of our local councillors were there, as were parks officers and Veolia. Most importantly, it was an great chance to meet like-minded neighbours who also care about the area.


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