Noel Park is one of the few existing "model dwellings" left in the country

Model Dwellings were buildings or estates constructed, mostly by the Victorians, to provide decent living accommodation for the working class. In fact The Artizans, Builders and General Dwellings company who built Noel Park had a motto: "To provide decent housing for the upright working man." I suppose by extension that also included his family.  

I was researching something else and came across this list of model dwellings that are still standing. I thought I'd share it because it because it illustrates how rare communities like Noel Park are and why we should take care of our buildings and appreciate the period details, such as the original doors and sash windows and individual gardens we all have. I often walk around the estate and despair about properties that would be so much nicer looking (and more valuable)  if they kept the period details and weren't defaced with plastic windows and doors and rubbish-filled front gardens.

If something is rare, it becomes more valuable, right? So why is Noel Park being so sadly neglected?

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It's a sad fact of human nature. People won't appreciate it until it's gone.

Totally agree, we should protect and preserve and be proud of places like Noel Park. Many people do, but the majority, it seems, don't care as much and habitually throw out (and keep there for months!) mattresses etc into their front gardens and surrounds. There should be an official fine for not keeping gardens and buildings tidy etc.

Same goes for not maintaining and trimming/cutting down large trees in back gardens (where the issue stays between neighbours and can be difficult) or other obtrusive plants such as bamboo. 

I agree.I've seen this sense of community grow in the 5 years that I've lived here. But then, perhaps it was always here and I've noticed it more as I got to know people.

It wouldn't hurt, though, if the council and/or Veolia were a little more vigilent. I've called Veolia to request their free pick up for my next-door neighbour before, but it's tricky. When does being a "helpful" neighbour cross the line into busybody?

Agreed. I despair at all the waste on people's gardens. This wouldn't happen in crouch end, so why should we put up with the council doing nothing in our area?

I had friends stay with us recently and they commented on whether it was becoming a trend to leave household furniture / appliances on their front garden.
Well I'm kinda new to Morley avenue so don't want to annoy my neighbours.

The council have done very little when I've sent over emails. Just replied saying they've received my email and are looking into it.

I'll keep trying mind
It's a great road. Nice and quiet. We're on the lower side towards lordship lane, but love it here. Quite different to crouch end (where we moved from) but def more for your money.Good luck with the move

Just came across this site though I'd share

You can report dumped rubbish, damaged pavements etc - seems good, not tried it yet, but sure I will soon.. 

That's an excellent idea. If someone wants to organise it Noel Park Market will gladly donate vouchers as prizes.

I feel the same way Rachella. Noel Park is now looking tired and unloved. It never ceases to amaze me just how frequently some residents fly tip, drop litter, create dog fowling etc. Am lost for words and feel total despair with some of the unsympathetic (illegal) property alterations. When I first discovered Noel Park a few years ago I saw beyond the mess. The remaining victorian architecture was fighting to be noticed over the signs of decay and destruction. The first time I stepped into my home I fell in love with the original features, that had by some miracle not been lost. Also having my own garden is a massive bonus.

Homes for Haringey have been doing some wooden sash window restoration to their properties, that has improved those houses. But then there is no sign of any follow up maintenance work to fix other issues such as re-paint front doors, clean brick work, remove fly tipping etc. I feel that if there was a tidy up of the estate and gardens brought back to life then Noel Park would look an amazing place to live. In the past the council have provided "clean sweeps" asking residents to put out bulky items for free removal. I think this has not happened for a while. But there is free removal anyway so maybe residents need to be made aware of this.

It would be a start if Homes for Haringey brought their properties back to life. As for the rest of the dwellings, maybe it will take legal action. But that would be a headache to enforce with the huge task involved. The council may have to start enforcing this;

Maybe someday we will have an amazing place to live.


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