Noel Park Social History project needs volunteers at Haringey local history fair

We've been invited to take part in the upcoming local history fair at Bruce Castle

 Saturday February 18th  2017, 11am - 4.30pm

If anyone has an interest in local history and would like to help out for an hour, please let me know. I need some other people to step up and help out if we are to participate this year. 

We could use help with:

Trasport to and from the exhibit --  two boxes of display marterials and a few books.

Set up at 10 am

1-2 hour shifts between 11 - 4:30 pm

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can do this

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Sure, why not! I would be interested in helping you.

Excellent! Let us know what time you can help and we'll set up a rota on here.

I can do the set up and any shift before 1pm

Hi  Rachella

I'd be happy to help   from 1 onwards .   I could help bring the equipment back etc.


excellent! Your knowledge will be much appreciated since lots of people stopping by have questions.

We're still looking for someone who could drive the exhibit to Bruce castle. It's one box of foamcoare mounting boards and two smaller boxes of printed material- plus my computer. It's not too much for a car but too much for one person to lug on the bus.

Hi Rachella

I can drive the exhibit to Bruce Castle. What time should I come round? Jo

Thank you Jo, that would be great! Is 10 too early for you?

Hi Rachella

10 is fine. Could you remind me of your address? Thanks Jo

Hi Jo:

I sent you a private message

Thanks Rachella. See you soon. Jo


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